Smart Video Doorbell FAQ

What happens when there are several users and several smartphones?

When your Smart Video Doorbell is used by several users and someone rings it, all users receive a notification and a video call on the app where anyone can answer the call. However, only the person who first answers the call will be able to see the video and communicate with the visitor.

How should the Smart Video Doorbell be positioned?

The Smart Video Doorbell is designed to replace your doorbell button, without changing its location. If, however, you are installing a doorbell for the first time, we recommend that you install it near your front door, around 1.4 metres from the ground.

Can the Smart Video Doorbell recognise me or my friends/family?

In order to protect the privacy of your visitors, the Smart Video Doorbell does not use facial recognition because this technology uses private biometric data that require the agreement of the people filmed or recorded. Since the Smart Video Doorbell is an outdoor product, it is more difficult to obtain and manage this agreement than for an indoor product.

How far away can the Smart Video Doorbell detect people?

The Smart Video Doorbell detects people from around 4 metres away (day and night).

I have an intercom, can I replace it with the Smart Video Doorbell?

No, the Smart Video Doorbell is not compatible with intercom systems because it is intended to replace an existing wired doorbell. Intercom systems have completely different electrical functions and installation types from wired doorbells.

Is the Smart Video Doorbell compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa?

The Smart Video Doorbell is not yet compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, although our goal is to make it compatible in the future.

Is the Smart Video Doorbell compatible with HomeKit Secure Video?

The Smart Video Doorbell is not yet compatible with HomeKit Secure Video. An automatic and entirely free software update will be deployed on all Smart Video Doorbells sold as soon as this compatibility is available. We will update you as soon as this feature is implemented.

Where are my data stored and how are they secured?

When you install a video surveillance system, it is important that it guarantees the security of your data. Unlike most other smart doorbells, the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell does not store your videos in the cloud. It only stores them locally, saving them on an encrypted 8 GB microSD card included in the pack. We use this system because your data are secured and only you can access them. This local storage is completely free and the microSD card is included in the pack.

What happens when my microSD card is full?

When the microSD card is full, the oldest events are deleted and replaced by the most recent.

What is the power consumption of the Smart Video Doorbell?

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell consumes around 1.8W or slightly more depending on the activity (video call, livestream, etc.).

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