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Creating calm in every room in your home

A complete range of smart products for your comfort and security



  • Security.

  • Comfort.

  • Weather.

Netatmo, for stress-free comfort and security

Core values for smart technology

  • Data protection

    All communications are encrypted and secure, and our security procedures are regularly audited.
  • Durable design

    At Netatmo, all our products are designed to last. They’re updated regularly free of charge, for life.
  • Privacy

    We built our products with your data security in mind so that you always stay in control.
  • Subscription-free

    All our products’ features are accessible subscription-free, with no extra costs.

The Netatmo essentials for a safer, more comfortable home

  • Smart Home Weather Station

    Monitor your environment

  • Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor

    Improve your indoor air quality

  • Smart Indoor Camera

    Keep an eye on your property

  • Smart Thermostat

    Optimise your energy use

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