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FAQ Additional Smart Radiator Valve

How Smart Radiator Valves work

How do Smart Radiator Valves work?

The Smart Radiator Valves use two integrated temperature sensors to gauge the temperature of a room. They compare the temperature measured in the room against the setpoint temperature to control the flow of hot water to the radiator in order to reach the desired temperature in the room.

How do the Smart Radiator Valves communicate?

Each Smart Radiator Valve only communicates with its Relay, using long-range radio frequency (868MHz) via a secure and energy-efficient protocol designed by Netatmo. Therefore, it is the Relay that synchronises the Thermostat and all the Smart Radiator Valves in the house, and it connects to the internet via Wi-Fi.

Do the Smart Radiator Valves still work if the wi-fi connection is lost?

If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the Smart Radiator Valves continue to apply the schedule or the temporary setpoint temperature requested. The heating can also be controlled manually, directly from the Smart Radiator Valves.

Who can control the Smart Radiator Valves?

Anyone with a Netatmo account linked to the relevant products

Is the same app used to control the thermostat and the Smart Radiator Valves?

Yes, the Netatmo Energy app is used to control the Smart Thermostat and the Smart Radiator Valves.


I have multiple radiators in one room. do they all need to be fitted with Smart Radiator Valves?

A Smart Radiator Valve allows you to regulate the flow of hot water circulating in the radiator. If you have more than one radiator in the same room, we do recommend that you fit them all with a Smart Radiator Valve so that they can be synchronised to provide a consistent temperature.

Can i leave any manual valves in my installation?

If your installation also includes manual valves, you can either leave them as they are or replace them with Smart Radiator Valves.

Can i use a different brand of thermostat together with the netatmo Smart Radiator Valves?

No, because a different brand of thermostat will interfere with the scheduling of the Additional Smart Radiator Valves.

What is a free-flow radiator? do i need to install a smart radiator valve on this type of radiator?

A free-flow radiator is a radiator that must always be left on in order to allow hot water to flow through. This radiator is generally located in the living room or in the entrance of the the home. No controls should be added to this radiator, in order to avoid damaging the heating system. A Smart Radiator Valve should therefore not be installed.

Organising my home

How many additional Smart Radiator Valves can i add to the thermostat or to the pack for district heating?

If you already have a Thermostat, simply check in the settings of the Netatmo Energy app to see how many Additional Smart Radiator Valves you can add. If you are fitting a new Netatmo Thermostat or a pack for district heating, you can add up to 20 Smart Radiator Valves in maximum 10 different rooms.

Should i fit Smart Radiator Valves in every room of my home?

For optimum heat regulation, we recommend that you do equip all of your radiators. Depending on the configuration of your heating system, however, you may need to leave one radiator always on to avoid any over-pressure in the water circuit. Ask your heating engineer for advice.

Do i need to install Smart Radiator Valves in the room where the thermostat is located?

If no Smart Radiator Valves are installed in the room where the Thermostat is located, your Thermostat will act as a regulator for that particular room. Bear in mind though, that if another room in the house needs to be heated, the Thermostat room will be heated as well.

What about the rooms that are not fitted with Smart Radiator Valves?

Rooms that are not fitted with Smart Radiator Valves are heated by the flow of hot water to the radiators, as controlled by the existing system (manual tap or standard valve).

How are the additional Smart Radiator Valves integrated into the schedule for the smart thermostat or the starter pack?

If you have a Netatmo Smart Thermostat, you already have a schedule based on your routine. The Smart Radiator Valves will be integrated into this schedule so that the temperature is regulated room by room.

Can i temporarily heat one room to a higher temperature when the thermostat has already reached its setpoint temperature?

Yes, you can use the Manual Boost feature from the app or directly on the Smart Radiator Valve to temporarily heat a room to a higher temperature. The Manual Boost feature forces the boiler to activate and overrides the Smart Thermostat schedule.

In my schedule, can i select a higher temperature for a particular room even though the thermostat is in a different room?

Yes, but the room will only heat up according to the selected operating mode:
• In ECO Priority mode, the Additional Smart Radiator Valves will only heat up if the room with the Thermostat in it also needs to be heated up, and they will not exceed the setpoint temperature.
• In COMFORT Priority mode, the Additional Smart Radiator Valves can activate the heating via the Thermostat so that they can warm up their room even if the room with the Thermostat in it does not need to be heated.

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