What is a connected weather station?

The connected weather station is a complete device for all weather-related measurements, but not only. In the form of a small electronic box that can be accompanied by external sensors, the connected weather station is technically quite similar to conventional stations. The main difference is that it transmits data to the smartphone and other internet-enabled devices. Practical, isn't it?

The connected weather station makes a difference by sending and processing weather data

The connected or smart weather station does not just take its weather measurements. It is more focused on communication and data processing.
These weather data (temperature, humidity, rainfall forecasts, etc.) is captured, collected, processed, combined, and sent to the user while being stored and compiled for further analysis over time.
Simply put, the weather station allows you to take your weather measurements at home and have them available directly on your smartphone.

Rather practical, isn't it?

In other words, you don't have to go to the weather station and manipulate it to get the data you need at the moment. This type of internet-connected station is also very useful when you are not at home: you can always access your data and by combining the weather station with other connected and home automation devices, you can also act directly from a distance (to ventilate for example).

To further enhance the data your connected weather station provides, you can link it to other sensors, such as a connected anemometer or a connected rain gauge. This allows you, if you have the use of it, to measure other more specific weather data as well.

On some connected weather stations, an indoor module can also collect, process, and communicate data related to the indoor air quality in your home. To measure indoor air pollution.

The opportunities are numerous and no data is left to chance with a connected weather station.
Measuring is the first step to improving, which is why equipping yourself with such a connected weather station allows you to reduce indoor air pollution, take care of your indoor plants, improve gardening or plan better sports outings.

The Netatmo Smart Weather Station is the star of the connected weather stations. It is a very versatile device that not only measures the weather data that concerns you but also gives you valuable data on your indoor air quality! All this via wifi and the internet directly on your smartphone.

The main advantage of a connected weather station

The connected weather station is often presented as a real technological (and meteorological!) gem.
Thanks to its sensors, the outdoor module of a connected weather station delivers an extremely wide range of weather data in real-time. But unlike the classic weather forecast, this is not just any weather data, but only the data that concerns you, i.e. the data measured right in front of your house!
Unless you are planning to go there, you are not interested in knowing the temperature, humidity, and wind in the big city 40 kilometres away from you…

Thus, thanks to the connected weather station installed in your home, you are no longer dependent on the sensors of your national meteorological services and others located more or less far from your home and whose accuracy is, therefore, more or less satisfactory. Instead, you have access to ultra-localized weather data.
By taking your measurements like an expert and having easy access to them from your internet-connected devices, it's a whole new way of finding out about the weather and the weather in general. Get your weather forecast right from your home!

With a connected weather station, gain in quality of information, gain in freedom, and above all, benefit from an unparalleled accuracy in weather forecasts thanks to your connected weather station.

No need to choose between different devices: the Netatmo Smart Weather Station provides you with all the data you need: weather forecast, climate, humidity level, indoor air quality, indoor pollution, noise level, noise pollution, etc. Combine it with the Netatmo Intelligent Rain Gauge or the Netatmo Smart Anemometer to get even more information.

How does a connected weather station work?

A connected weather station works in much the same way as a conventional weather station, except for a few things.
Its weatherproof outdoor measurement case measures the weather data of your outdoor environment. The indoor unit is also used for measurements but is primarily responsible for interpreting and displaying the collected weather data.
These two small components of any connected weather station are fully-fledged connected devices that exchange data via radio waves. Then, the indoor unit of the connected weather station sends the data through the WIFI (internet) network or Bluetooth directly to a mobile device like your smartphone or tablet.

It is on the latter device that you can then view the data compiled by the connected weather station, using an application that the user can set up.

Note that despite being highly technological, the connected weather station is generally very easy to use once installed.
Of course, there is a period of adjustment and getting used to it, but it is enough to follow the intuitive and illustrated digital instructions that the connected weather station application often dictates itself.

A quality connected weather station can be purchased for as little as 100 pounds. Most models are priced between 100 and 200 pounds, but there is no need to go beyond that: they are highly sophisticated devices designed for professionals. One thing is certain, for such an affordable price, it would be a shame to do without such a beautiful device! It also depends on how you use it.