Installation guide for the Smart AC Controller

Quick and easy installation

It only takes a few minutes to configure the Smart AC Controller directly from your mobile. Plug it in near your air conditioner, then just choose a convenient location.

10 minutes

Several installation options

  • Mounted on the wall

    The Smart AC Controller can be installed on the wall near your air conditioner using the mounting panel at the back of the product.
  • Placed on a shelf or cabinet

    The Smart AC Controller can also be installed without a wall mount. Choose a convenient location near your air conditioner and a power outlet.

Pack contents

  1. 1 Smart AC Controller
  2. 1 micro USB power cable
  3. 1 screw
  4. 1 wall plug

Adapts to all situations


The Smart AC Controller connects via Wi-Fi and controls your air conditioner via infrared signals (transmission and reception).​

It uses omnidirectional infrared transmission technology. This means you don’t have to worry about which way your product is installed to ensure an optimal user experience.

Multiple air conditioners

Install one Smart Controller per AC in each room and take control of your entire air conditioning system from a single app: Home + Control.​


Is my air conditioner compatible?

All air conditioners that use an infrared remote control with a screen displaying all its settings are compatible with the Netatmo Smart AC Controller, regardless of the brand or model of unit installed in your home. If you're not sure, visit

How does the Smart Controller work?

It connects via Wi-Fi and controls your air conditioner via infrared, just like the manual remote control that comes with your AC.
The Smart Controller enables you to easily take control of your air conditioner or air-to-air heat pump from anywhere. Adjust temperatures and settings (Heat, Cool, Auto, Fan, etc.) from your smartphone or tablet using the Home + Control app.

Where should I install my Smart Controller?

Install the Smart Controller near your air conditioner and an electrical outlet.
Place it at least 50 cm from the floor, and make sure there are no obstacles between your product and your air conditioner.
To prevent interference with the built-in temperature and humidity sensors, avoid prolonged exposure to outdoor light and keep it away from heat sources (recommended distance: more than 1 meter).

Can I control multiple air conditioners?

No, you must install one Netatmo Smart Controller per air conditioner in each room.
Then you can control your entire air conditioning system with one app: Home + Control.

How can the Netatmo Smart Controller help me save energy?

With the Planning and Eco-Assist (geolocation) features, you can optimise your Ac use and energy consumption on a daily basis: set a personalised weekly schedule in line with your lifestyle, automatically switch off your air conditioner when you leave home, etc. All of this means you can reduce your electricity bill without sacrificing your comfort.

Can I still use my manual remote control?

Yes, you can still adjust your air conditioner with the manual remote control that comes with it. However, the mobile app will not take into account changes made with the remote control. So, to ensure the best experience with your product, use your smartphone or voice assistant.

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