Smart Rain Gauge

Know your outdoor environment even better

Raingauge product

Real-time rainfall quantities

Cumulative daily rainfall levels

Alerts as soon as it starts to rain

Rain data history

App rain

Add a Smart Rain Gauge to your Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station

Together, they show data on rain conditions directly on your smartphone. Check rainfall at home in millimetres per hour, along with its intensity and quantity over the last hour and since midnight

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Graphic application rain

Use your data history to analyze rainfall over time

Access data gathered by your Rain Gauge in the app. View your data history to track changes in rainfall this month and over the last year or to see how much fell at home while you were away. You’re going to love it when it rains!

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Rain notification

Receive an alert on your smartphone as soon as it starts to rain

Did you leave your washing out to dry or a window open? Receive an alert as soon as it starts to rain. You can also customize your notifications to receive an alert only once a certain amount of rain has fallen.

Lifestyle kitchen

Make your life easier by taking into account the rain

Make your life easier by taking into account the rain

Put your houseplants in the garden for a natural watering, take an umbrella when you go out, or plan your next bicycle ride.

Install your Rain Gauge with ease

Simply fix it outdoors, close enough to your Weather Station’s indoor module. Its high-quality, UV-resistant plastic coating withstands sunshine, hail and strong winds.

Simple and elegant design

Long battery life

Energy-efficient, up to 1 year of battery life.

Translucent plexiglass cube

Opt for a timeless, minimalist design.

Raingauge product

Solid and resistant

Thanks to the strength and quality of its body, the wireless rain gauge will withstand rain and other bad weather without any problems.


No need to empty it like test-tube rain gauges. Put it anywhere and that's it!

Save even more with the complete Weather Station pack.

Complete your Smart Home Weather Station with the Smart Rain Gauge and the Smart Anemometer, and take control of the weather. With its full range of measurement options, you'll be able to monitor all aspects of your environment.

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