Smart Anemometer

Know your outdoor environment even better

Smart anemometer

Real-time wind speed

Real-time wind direction

Alert in the event of high winds

Wind data history

Cutting-edge ultrasound technology

Wind weather app

Add a Smart Anemometer to your Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station

Together, they show the latest wind data directly on your smartphone. Using cutting-edge ultrasound technology, the Anemometer reliably measures wind speed and direction in real time.

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Screen graph wind

View your data history in the app to track wind over time.

Access data gathered by your Smart Anemometer via the app. View your data history to track the wind and learn about wind activity around your home while you are away. You will always know exactly which way the wind is blowing!

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Wind notification

Receive a smartphone alert when the wind picks up.

Do you live in a region prone to storms? Would you like to keep an eye on your garden? Or maybe you are just curious about changes in the wind? Customize your alerts to receive real-time information when the wind gets stronger or reaches a certain speed. The choice is yours!

Lifestyle wind

Monitor the wind

Your life made easier, by taking into account changes in the wind

Stow away your garden furniture when the wind picks up or take the opportunity to hang out your washing. Enjoy outdoor sports? The Netatmo Smart Anemometer is a real team player.

Fit the Smart Anemometer with ease

Simply fix it outdoors, close enough to your Smart Home Weather Station’s indoor module. Its high-quality, UV-resistant plastic coating withstands the elements.

Simple and elegant design

Mechanics & Design

Energy-efficient, up to 2 years of battery life!

Sleek and compact

Opt for a timeless, minimalist design.

Smart anemometer

Solid and resistant

Thanks to the strength and quality of its body, the wireless rain gauge will withstand rain and other bad weather without any problems.


Unlike cup anemometers, there is no risk of it breaking or being loud.

Save even more with the complete Weather Station pack.

Complete your Smart Home Weather Station with the Smart Rain Gauge and the Smart Anemometer, and take control of the weather. With its full range of measurement options, you'll be able to monitor all aspects of your environment.

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