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Smart Smoke Alarm FAQ

Overall functioning

How does the Smart Smoke Alarm connect to the internet?

Wi-Fi router. It does not connect to public internet access points (hotspots).

Is there an interconnection feature if I have several Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarms?

No, if you have more than one Smart Smoke Alarm, they will not interconnect although all of them will appear in the same app.

How many Smart Smoke Alarms can I add to a single Netatmo account or in the same house?

As many Smart Smoke Alarms as you like.

What happens if there is no internet connection?

Your Smart Smoke Alarm will operate as a conventional smoke alarm. It will still be triggered if smoke is detected. However, if there is no internet connection, it can't send you a smartphone notification.

Can the battery be changed after 10 years?

No. The batteries are integral to the product and cannot be replaced. The Smart Smoke Alarm's battery lasts for ten years and covers the full lifetime of the product. After 10 years, you are advised to replace all your smoke alarms, of whatever kind, to ensure they continue to operate effectively.

Does the Smart Smoke Alarm also detect carbon monoxide?

No. Two-in-one products are not recommended because the ideal location for a smoke alarm is not the same as the ideal location for a carbon monoxide detector. A smoke alarm should be located on the ceiling because smoke rises very quickly, whereas a carbon monoxide detector should be located on the wall, at person height, because carbon monoxide mixes with air.

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