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Smart Radiator Valves - pack for district heating FAQ

The Valve system

How do the Valves work?

Our Smart Valves use two integrated temperature sensors to measure the temperature in the room. They compare the actual temperature in the room to the setpoint temperature, regulating the hot water flow in the radiator to control the temperature.

How do the Valves communicate?

Our Smart Valves only connect with the Relay. They connect via long-range radio frequency. The Relay then uses Wi-Fi to communicate with the router. We recommend that you position the Relay somewhere central in your home.

Can I supplement my Netatmo Thermostat with a pack for district heating ?

No. The Relays on the Thermostat and the Starter Pack would compete with one another. If you already have a Netatmo Thermostat, you should buy one or more Additional Smart Radiator Valves.

Organising my home

Do I need to place Smart Valves in all of the rooms in my home?

We recommend that you install one on each radiator, including in the same room as the Thermostat to ensure the greatest possible comfort in all of the rooms in your home. For example, the bathroom temperature could be 21 °C and the room containing the Thermostat could be at 19 °C thanks to the Smart Valves.

I have several radiators in the same room. Do I need to install a Smart Valve on each one?

A Smart Valve regulates the temperature in the room by controlling the flow of water in the radiator on which it is installed. So if you have several radiators in the same room, we recommend that you equip each one with a Smart Valve so that they can synchronise with one another and ensure a consistent temperature throughout the room.

What happens to rooms without Smart Radiator Valves?

In homes connected to collective or district heating systems, rooms without Smart Radiator Valves are heated when the hot water reaches the radiators.


Can I leave manual valves in my system?

If your system features manual valves you can leave these in place or replace them with thermostatic valves.

Do Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves conform to the regulations for calculating the heating costs in individual homes?

Yes, Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves do conform to European regulations regarding the calculation of individual heating costs. Buildings under shared ownership have to calculate heating costs according to the actual energy consumption of each private apartment. To do this, each home must be equipped with heating cost allocators or heating meters and must be able to regulate their heating efficiently with thermostatic valves such as the Netatmo Valves.

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