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Smart Thermostat FAQ

Who can control the Thermostat ?

Anyone with a Netatmo account linked to the relevant products account access can be shared between several users.

How is the Thermostat controlled ?

The Netatmo Smart Thermostat can be controlled online using the Netatmo Energy app, either the web version ( or mobile version (iOS or Android) via Wi-Fi or 4G. Please note that the Thermostat also has manual commands.

Can I control my Smart Thermostat from a pc ?

You can use the controls in the web interface in the same way as the Netatmo Energy mobile app. The application works with with any web browser and any PC operating system.

How many Smart Thermostats can I add to the same Netatmo account or the same house ?

You can add as many Smart Thermostats to your Netatmo account as you like. Up to ten Thermostats can be added within the same house.

How does the relay connect to the internet ?

The Relay must be connected via a 2.4 GHz personal Wi-Fi network. It does not connect to public Internet access points (hotspots).

Will my product keep working if the Wi-Fi connection is lost ?

If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the Smart Thermostat will continue to apply the schedule or setpoint temperature that was operating before the connection went down (Away mode, Frost Protection Mode or manual setpoint). The heating can also be controlled manually, directly from the Thermostat.

With the connection offline:

  • It will not be possible to interact remotely, or to modify schedules or settings.
  • The manual buttons on the Thermostat itself can still be used to force manual setpoints. The manual setpoints will apply as specified in the advanced settings of the Energy app before the connection was lost: Operating mode > Default duration of manual setpoints (3 hours by default).
  • The Auto-Adapt feature (Predictive) is also disabled, as this uses the outdoor temperature readings, which are not available when the connection is offline. All features of the Thermostat will be restored automatically once the connection is back.

Will my products keep working in the event of a power cut ?

The heating and Netatmo products will stop working. However, our equipment is designed to resume operation automatically once power is restored.

Is my installation compatible ?

Your heating equipment is compatible with Netatmo Smart Thermostat if it respects the following criteria:
• Switching current: max 120VA (4A load @ 30V, 1A load @ 110V/120V or 0,5A load @ 220V/240V)
• 2 wires dry contact (ON/OFF)
• Power factor: cos φ > 0.8
Check your compatibility on

Where is the Thermostat’s temperature sensor ?

The temperature sensor is housed within the Thermostat unit.

What is the power consumption of the relay unit ?

The relay unit’s power consumption is 500 mW, which equates to around 50 euro cents per year.

What is the maximum allowable distance between the Smart Thermostat and the relay ?

Up to 100 metres in an open space. We recommend that the Relay is placed in a central point in your home.

What power supply does the Smart Thermostat use ?

The Thermostat uses three AAA batteries (supplied). It has a battery life of two years. The Relay is plugged into the mains, either through the boiler adapter or a standard socket.

Is it possible to create more than one heating schedule ?

Yes, it is possible to create up to ten different heating schedules.

Can I manage a multi-zone installation ?

Yes, if the installation has several heating circuits (e.g. ground floor and first floor). Each zone will need to be controlled by a different Netatmo Smart Thermostat.

Can I control the temperature room by room ?

Yes, you can add Additional Smart Radiator Valves to your installation in order to control the temperature room by room.

Can I add my Smart Thermostat into a connected system (such as home automation) ?

Absolutely. The Netatmo Connect API allows you to add the Thermostat into your home automation system. The Thermostat can also be linked to other connected objects using the IFTTT service or voice assistants. Go to for more information.

What features does compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant give me ?

Compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant means that you can control your heating by voice commands and, in some cases, create routines.

What if my Thermostat is placed in a room where there is no radiator ?

In this case, the Thermostat will not be able to control the temperature of your home effectively, as temperature variations will only be detected indirectly. We suggest that you install your Thermostat in a room that is central within your home, is integral to your household routine and can be heated correctly by your radiators, such as the living room.

Which product should I choose : A Smart Thermostat or a Smart Thermostatic Starter Pack ?

If you have an individual heating system, then a Smart Thermostat is required to control your boiler activation.
If you install a Starter Pack onto an individual boiler system, it will not be able to control the boiler and will not have any effect in terms of energy savings.

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