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Simply save energy without compromising your comfort

A tailored schedule

Energy Savings Report

Can be controlled remotely



Return from holiday

Application Energy with Thermostat

Control your heating remotely

Use your Netatmo Thermostat to change your home's temperature; from your bed or from the other side of the world.
Schedule your heating for your return from a holiday.

Right temperature at the right time

The Thermostat uses your answers to 5 questions to create a schedule that’s based on your habits and lifestyle; so you only use the heating when you need it.

I get up
I leave for work
I return home
I go to bed
Schedule application energy

Smart heating in your home

Auto-Adapt function

The Netatmo Thermostat’s Auto-Adapt function uses your home’s insulation and the outdoor temperature to programme when your heat should switch on. So you can have the temperature you want at just the right time.

Auto-Care function

Thanks to its Auto-Care function; the Netatmo Thermostat can tell you when its batteries are low; or notify you of a problem with your heating system’s operation.

Controlling your heating just got much cooler!


Just say: "Siri, set my bathroom temperature to 19 °C"


Just say: "Alexa, decrease my thermostat temperature by 3°C"


Just say: "Ok Google, set the thermostat to 19 degrees"

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Receive our money-saving tips

Every month; you receive your customised Energy Savings Report. The report will help you track your consumption and adjust your heating schedule for optimal savings.

Thermostat with happy family

Track your consumption

Display your past energy consumption.
Your indoor temperature and boiler activity are recorded continuously in the App.

Test the app

Minimalist design by Starck.

Starck video

Netatmo heating control

Absolutely fantastic. Everyone should own one control you heating from anywhere and I mean anywhere. From your phone iPad tablet computer etc. So easy to use and very neat and unobtrusive. We love ours


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If you want a super easy way to control your heating and lower your energy bills; then this is for you. I particularly love being able to turn on my heating from 7;000 miles away; so my home would be warm where I got home f om the airport. Modern living at its best!


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Simple and elegant design

4 interchangeable colours

Customise your Thermostat with one of the four colour adhesive strips provided.

Mechanics and design

Energy savings; longer battery life.

Translucent plexiglass cube

Opt for a timeless; minimalist design.


Manual temperature adjustment

Press on the Thermostat to change the temperature setting.

Real-time temperature

Display the temperature setting and the real-time temperature in the room.

Save even more energy

Complete your Smart Thermostat with the Additional Smart Radiator Valves and control all your radiators.
Thanks to the room-by-room planning; each room will be heated based on its use.

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Thermostat with additional_valve


Your heating equipment is compatible with Netatmo Smart Thermostat if it respects the following criteria:
• Switching current: max 120VA (4A load @ 30V, 1A load @ 110V/120V or 0,5A load @ 220V/240V)
• 2 wires dry contact (ON/OFF)
• Power factor: cos φ > 0.8
Check your compatibility on
Up to 100 metres in an open space. We recommend that the Relay is placed in a central point in your home.
The Thermostat uses three AAA batteries (supplied). It has a battery life of two years. The Relay is plugged into the mains, either through the boiler adapter or a standard socket.
Yes, if the installation has several heating circuits (e.g. ground floor and first floor). Each zone will need to be controlled by a different Netatmo Smart Thermostat.
Yes, it is possible to create up to ten different heating schedules.
If you have an individual heating system, then a Smart Thermostat is required to control your boiler activation.
If you install a Starter Pack onto an individual boiler system, it will not be able to control the boiler and will not have any effect in terms of energy savings.