Who we are

Netatmo is first and foremost the story of talented people coming together and working on a common project. Our purpose is not only to create beautifully designed products but also to build a beautiful company. We look to create a real community that shares more than just work projects, because everyone's fullfillment is essential to us and creativy isn't always born behind a desk.


Our values

Innovation & Simplicity

There is always a simpler way to innovate, it is up to us to find it!

"Be creative. Be adventurous. Be original"


Common sense & Ambition

We are always looking to run the extra mile, whilst keeping our feet on the ground.

"Compromise where you can. And where you can't, don't"

Captain America

Empowerment & Kindness

Take your responsibilities seriously, and we will support you.

"With great power comes great responsibility"


Excellence & Friendliness

Excellence is our goal, to be achieved on a friendly playing field.

"The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more"

The Avengers

Our teams

Product Development

Software Development


Industrialization & Supply Chain

Hardware Development


Marketing & Communication

Sales Administration

Customer Relations


Human Resources

Digital & e-commerce

Florian, Senior Product Manager

Our Product Development teams play an essential role in the conception of our products.
They imagine, design and transform the boldest ideas into concrete objects. They conduct and coordinate all the teams and stakeholders involved in the projects.

From starting with the functional specifications to actually releasing the product in the market, passing by managing the contents of our mobile applications, a product manager’s tasks are very varied. We are responsible for the final product. This job is really exciting because it allows me to work with numerous talented people: algorithmiciens, developers, marketing experts… There is no such thing as a typical day!
Florian, Senior Product Manager

Sébastien, Senior Embedded Engineer

There wouldn't be any connected products without them. Our Software Development teams are dedicated to making sure our products are smart and yet simple to use, keeping the complexity well hidden. Whether they take care of the embbeded software, the applications or the back-end, they are all working closely together to put the « smart » into Smart Home.

I manage the development team based in Lyon and continue to develop programs too. I manage both the technical subjects and everyone’s individual priorities, so that we can all be happy in our work. My job requires me to work autonomously and be able to make decisions. At Netatmo, everyone has their own responsibilities. My job pleases me because it allows me to work with new technologies which I love, and I also get to interact with lots of different teams.
Sébastien, Senior Embedded Engineer

Alice, Vision Engineer

Our team of researchers always goes above and beyond, and invents the algorithms that give our products the edge to make them extraordinary and always ahead of our time.

I am an engineer in the AI / vision team. I work on the facial recognition and object algorithms for the cameras in our security range. The challenge is to adapt the algorithms which have been developed so that they can be implemented into our products, within the constraints that we have. We also have the satisfaction of knowing that our products have a positive effect on the daily lives of our clients.
Alice, Vision Engineer

Lili, Buyer

Our Industrialization and Supply Chain teams work closely together to find the best quality/price/availability ratio for our componants, supervize the production process, ensure high level testing and check the quality of the finished goods.

I work in the supply chain. To be specific, I make a production plan based on our sales forecasts and accordingly order everything that is necessary for the production. Sourcing and negotiation is often required. It’s also my responsibility to follow up and optimize the logistical flow of our products from the factory to the warehouses. What I like most is the dynamics of the supply chain and the contact with different people. Plus, my job enables me to practice 3 languages every day.
Lili, Buyer

Damien, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Captivated by the design of our products, our Hardware Development team has long debates on where to place screws on the printed circuits, which 3D moulds to print and what are the best materials to use.
They develop our products' internal mecanisms so they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

As a mechanical engineer, I have to imagine, create and test our future products. I love this job because it is creative, concrete and allows me to develop my technical competencies. At Netatmo we demand the best, and this pushes us to develop top quality products.
Damien, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Michal, Regional Sales Director

In stores or online, all our Sales and Channel Marketing teams make sure you can find our products anywhere, anytime. Our Business Solutions team works to create the best industrial partnerships so that we can develop new products.

In my role as a Regional Sales Director, I build and execute a global strategy to achieve growth for Netatmo in the Central and Eastern European region and to enter new distribution channels. I take care of maintaining and building upon Netatmo´s existing relationships and generating new business. I work mostly in an international environment which gives me a great opportunity to meet new people around the world during many international events. Sales objectives, meetings & negotiations together with traveling makes my job so interesting!
Michal, Regional Sales Director

Audrey Vaudo

Our Marketing, Graphic Design, and Communication/PR teams are always looking for the right words, focus on the tiny details and make sure that everything is esthetcially perfect.
They share our vision of the Smart Home and broadcast all our latest news on the web and in print media.

As marketing product managers, we work closely with the sales teams, digital marketing, graphic designers and product development managers to ensure the success of our Netatmo product lines. Market research, performance analysis, product launches and 360° campaign development are just some of the many projects that give marketing product managers a rich and varied daily life!
Audrey Vaudo

Emma, Senior Sales Administration Manager

Our Sales Administration team makes sure the journey taken by our products, from our factories to our customers, is the fastest one possible and happens in the best conditions, whether it be by road, air or sea.

The Sales Administration team processes the orders, the expeditions and the deliveries of our products and ensures that we have the necessary stock available in all of our warehouses. Our jobs give us the opportunity to work with lots of different internal departments and communicate with our clients on a daily basis. The tasks are varied and complete and we never get bored.
Emma, Senior Sales Administration Manager

Brieuc, Lead Customer Support Technician

Our Customer Relations team is dedicated to the complete satisfaction of our customers and speaks many languages so they can comprehensively answer all your questions.

As a team leader in the Customer Support department, I train newcomers, create procedures, am a communication link to other departments and guide my team to provide the best technical support service to our customers. Netatmo is a modern, multicultural company open to new ideas and procedures. We motivate each other to use our initiatives and this provides everyone with a sense of purpose.
Brieuc, Lead Customer Support Technician

Florence Moutel

The finance department is a key department of the company. It implements the processes that ensure and secure the smooth running of the company.

The finance department is therefore at the heart of the business, providing a global vision of the business on which the general management relies to make strategic decisions for the company.

The role of management control is to work closely with the accounting teams to ensure reliable and accurate information on the company's financial position. Our job involves being in permanent contact with all departments to provide them with all the analytical elements necessary to understand the business and help them make decisions!
Florence Moutel

Diana, HR Manager

Our strengh resides in our people.
Our HR team works to develop our company brand and to find our future talents. They make sure each employee is both personally and professionally fulfilled and works in a friendly, collaborative and safe environment.

The role of the HR team is the enhancement of our employer brand, the recruitment and training of our employees and to ensure their professional fulfilment. Our ultimate goal is to make Netatmo an attractive company and a great place to work.

As talent acquisition manager, my role is to promote our employer branding and hire talent to join us on our journey. For me, ensuring that our newcomers have a smooth onboarding process is essential and I take pride in making sure they have everything they need to be successful. What I like the most about my job is the opportunity to discover the diversity of our jobs and to create a challenging environment which guarantees the growth of our employees.

Diana, HR Manager

 Edouard, Traffic Manager

The first encounter with a brand usually happens online. It all begins there. Visibility on the most popular platforms, offering the best surfing experience and maintaining an almost familiar relationship with our users are the things that motivate our Digital team.

As a Traffic Manager, my role is to improve the visibility of our website and acquire new clients to increase our sales revenue. Working in the Digital team requires me to constantly test new acquisition and loyalty channels and ensure that our clients have the best user experience. For me, the Digital team is sort of like a second family where ideas are welcomed, projects are executed as a team and brainstorming is king.
Edouard, Traffic Manager



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