Smart Outdoor Camera installation guide

Whether you are replacing an outdoor light or installing your security camera in a new location, Netatmo has the solution for quick and easy installation

Easy installation suited to all homes

You are replacing an outdoor light

4-step installation
  • Remove the existing light
  • Fasten the camera mount to the wall
  • Connect the cables
  • Fix the camera to the mount

You do not have an outdoor light

  • Install a charging cable in an ideal place for monitoring your house or garden
  • Follow the installation guide instructions
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Easy do-it-yourself installation

In a few steps, self-install a sophisticated security camera equipped with a powerful floodlight

Professional installation

Do you not wish to install the camera yourself? Find a professional from the Netatmo Pro network.

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How does it work?


Your Smart Outdoor Camera communicates with your internet router via Wi-Fi without the need for an additional intermediary device. You can control your camera remotely from the Netatmo app.