FAQ Smart Outdoor Camera

Overall functioning

How does the surveillance work?

The Outdoor Camera is a highly effective security camera. It keeps a close eye on the outside of your home, both during the day and at night thanks to its 15 metres infrared night vision and its 100° field of view. When the Camera's sensor detects a movement, the Camera determines whether it's a person, car, animal, or just the trees swaying in the wind. For people, cars and animals, the Camera records a Full HD 1080p video and sends an alert straight to your phone via the Netatmo app thanks to its wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi). All the videos can be viewed on this mobile app, where you can also watch the Outdoor Camera with Siren "Live".

What kind of notifications will I receive from the Smart Outdoor Camera?

These are the main notifications the camera can send to your mobile device:

  • Person seen: a person or a group of people have been detected by the camera.
  • Car seen: a vehicle has been detected by the camera.
  • Animal seen: an animal has been detected by the camera.
  • Motion detected: something moved, other than person, car, animal.
  • Camera connected: the camera is now connected to the internet.
  • Camera disconnected: the camera is no longer connected to the internet or unpowered.
  • Monitoring resumed: the camera is now monitoring your house.
  • Monitoring suspended: the camera has stopped monitoring your house. Note that if the floodlight is in auto mode, it will not be able to turn on automatically while monitoring is suspended.

Can the Smart Outdoor Camera recognize myself or my family and friends?

No, the camera uses a different technology than face recognition to analyze and report people, cars and animals. It works by detecting the entire form of a moving object. Therefore, the camera can see a person from a distance and recognize that it is a person even when their faces are too small and too far to be recognized by the human eye.

What is the smart floodlight?

The top of the camera is a 12W low power LED floodlight (equivalent to a 120W halogen floodlight). Depending on your preferences, you can set it so that the floodlight only switches on when the camera detects something in particular. By default, the floodlight will only turn on when the security camera detects people or cars, staying off the rest of the time, even if the camera detects an animal.

What are the Alert-Zones?

The "Alert-Zones" feature allows you to select specific areas for alerts. Then, you know instantly when someone enters a zone you selected. These are a great way to receive only the alerts you are interested in. You can create up to four Alert-Zones.

Does the Smart Outdoor Camera work at night or when it is dark?

The camera works when it is dark thanks to its infrared night vision and its powerful LED floodlight. When the floodlight is off, the camera keeps monitoring your property discretely with the infrared night vision mode. The floodlight can turn automatically on to light up your way when the camera sees you arrive at home, or it can also turn on to deter potential intruders as they approach your house.

What is the Smart Outdoor Camera's working temperatures range?

The camera works when the environment temperature is between -20°C and 50°C (-4°F and 122°F). Outside this temperature range, the camera might stop working temporarily to cool down, but it will restart when the ambient temperature goes back to the specified range.


Can I customize notifications?

Yes, from your app, open the top right menu and tap on "Alert & recording settings". You will be able to choose, for each type of object detected by the camera (people, car, animals, other motion), whether you want to:

  • Record video and receive a notification,
  • Just record the video but not be notified - video is available from the timeline in the app -, or
  • Ignore the events corresponding to that type.

Can I turn video surveillance off?

You can turn the camera off at any time. Just open the top right settings menu from your app to turn surveillance on or off. Note that, at night, if video surveillance is off, the floodlight will not be able to work on automatic mode as the camera will not be able to perform people, cars or animals detection.

Can I change the light intensity?

You can adapt the light intensity to your needs. Just open the settings menu at the top right corner of your app and tap on the gear icon next to "Floodlight". From there, use the top slider to adjust the intensity. You will see how it changes in real time.

Can the Smart Outdoor Camera be recording 24/7?

The camera will be monitoring your property 24/7 but it will actually record videos only when it detects a moving object. This way, you will not need to go through hours of empty video. You can customize what you want to record or not: from your app, open the top right menu and tap on "Alert & recording settings". You will be able to choose, for each type of object detected by the camera (people, car, animals, other motion), whether you want to:
• Record video and receive a notification,
• Just record the video but not be notified -video is available from the timeline in the app-, or
• Ignore the events corresponding to that type.


Do I need a professional installer?

If you have a good knowledge of electrical systems, you can install the camera yourself. It installs like any outdoor light fixture. However, if you do not have the required skills, it is recommended to contact a qualified electrician.

Can I install the Smart Outdoor Camera without replacing an existing light fixture?

Yes, either you install in at a spot where there is no light fixture yet, or you run a wire to any spot you want. To do that, you need some electrical systems knowledge. Contact a professional installer if you do not have this knowledge.

What are the positioning guidelines?

For optimal performance, install the camera at a height of 2.5 to 4 meters (8 to 14 feet) with a tilt angle of around 30°.

Can the Smart Outdoor Camera work on Ethernet/PoE?

No, the camera doesn't have an Ethernet port. It connects to your network via WiFi and is powered by the mains (100-240V), like most light fixtures.

Can I use the Smart Outdoor Camera on a public WiFi network?

The camera cannot access the internet through public Wi-Fi networks (HotSpot) or through enterprise Wi-Fi networks that filter ports.

Are the Smart Cameras compatible with the leading assistants on the market?

Yes, the Netatmo Smart Cameras (Indoor and Outdoor) are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google assistant and IFTTT. You can therefore control your camera using your voice. It is also possible to create customised scenarios so that you can connect your camera to other connected objects in your home.

Power supply

What is the Smart Outdoor Camera's power supply?

The camera is powered by a 100-240 V AC line. This is how most light fixtures are powered. You can simply replace an existing light fixture with the camera, or, to install it from scratch, a qualified electrician may be needed to run a new power cable. Note that the camera needs to be permanently powered. If you replace an existing light fixture, make sure the switch is kept on at all times.

How much power does the Smart Outdoor Camera use?

The camera has an average power consumption of 5W in daylight conditions. In dark conditions, when the floodlight or night vision mode are on, the average power consumption is 15W.

Free and secure data storage

Does Netatmo have access to my data?

When you install a home security camera, it is important to know that it protects your data. Unlike most other security cameras, the Netatmo Cameras do not store your videos on the cloud. They only store videos locally, saving them on an encrypted 8 GB microSD card, which comes included in the pack. Why do we use this system? Your data are secure and only you can access them. This local storage is completely free (the microSD card is included in the price of the Netatmo Cameras). If you want, you can also send your videos to your Dropbox account or an FTP server.

Where is my data stored and how is it secured?

In contrast to the majority of other security cameras, the Smart Outdoor Camera does not store your videos in the cloud. It only stores them locally on an encrypted 8GB MicroSD card included. What is the advantage of this system? Your data is more secure and only you can access it. If you wish, you can also transfer your videos to your Dropbox account or an FTP.

What happens when my MicroSD card is full?

When the MicroSD card is full, the oldest footage is deleted and replaced by the most recent footage.

What does "No subscription" mean?

With Netatmo, as your videos are saved locally on a MicroSD card and not in the cloud, data storage is completely free. Therefore, you don't need to sign up to any annual or monthly contract. You can also store your videos for free on your Dropbox account or your personal FTP server.

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