FAQ Smart Indoor Camera

General functioning

How does the Smart Indoor Camera surveillance work?

Our Smart Indoor Camera enables you to secure your home and keep your family safe. Through its integrated facial recognition technology, it recognises the faces of people who come to your door. It works in conjunction with our Netatmo Security app that can be downloaded via smartphone or accessed from a web browser. As soon as somebody is detected by the Camera, you are notified in real time on your smartphone. If the face is already known by the Camera, it will provide you with the name of the person identified. If the person is unknown, you will also be notified.

Can I add several cameras to the same house or to the same Netatmo account?

Yes, you can install as many cameras as you like and control them from the same app (front door, children's bedrooms, etc.). In the same way, several people may access the same camera account.

How does the facial recognition work?

When the Smart Indoor Camera identifies a face for the first time, it is marked with a question mark on the app. However, you can create a new profile, giving the person a first name, and configure their confidentiality settings. Once the profile is saved, the Camera will be able to recognise the person and notify you of their presence. You can save up to 32 faces.

Does the Smart Outdoor Camera work at night or in darkness?

Yes, the camera continues to film in high resolution thanks to its Infrared night vision.

What happens if someone takes the camera?

You receive a notification informing you that your Smart Indoor Camera has been turned off. Anyone who takes your camera won’t have any access to your data, neither your videos, if he does not have your Netatmo user account’s ID. Indeed, the microSD card is encrypted in order to protect its content.


User preferences

Via the app, you can select the information that you wish to record and for which you would like to receive notifications. For example, you may choose not to be filmed once the camera recognises you. You can already download our app to take a look at the security interface.

Does the camera record 24 hours a day?

When the Smart Indoor Camera is switched on, it continuously films its environment. However, it only records video clips when it detects something happening.There are three types of things that happen:
• The camera recognises a familiar face
• The camera detects an unknown face
• The camera detects movement; it can tell the difference between humans and animals and notifies you accordingly. From the app, you can suspend or resume surveillance as you wish.

Are the Smart Cameras compatible with the leading assistants on the market?

Yes, the Netatmo Smart Cameras (Indoor and Outdoor) are compatible with Apple HomeKit, Google assistant and IFTTT. You can therefore control your camera using your voice. It is also possible to create customised scenarios so that you can connect your camera to other connected objects in your home.


How do you install the Smart Indoor Camera?

The Smart Indoor Camera can be easily installed in just a few minutes. You just need to position it opposite your front door, connect it and download our Netatmo Security app on your Smartphone. You can then configure your camera with your preferences and that's it. You can also configure it using a computer or tablet.

What is the best position for the Smart Indoor Camera?

Ideally, place the camera on a flat surface (table, shelf, etc.) at a height between 1m and 1.5m opposite the front door. This will allow it to detect movement and best capture peoples' faces.

Is the Smart Indoor Camera compatible with Ethernet?

Yes, the Smart Indoor Camera can be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or the Ethernet port.

Free and secure data storage

Does Netatmo have access to my data?

At Netatmo, we ensure privacy of your personal data is respected. Nobody at Netatmo has access to your videos (live or already recorded). Indeed, none of these videos are stored on our server. Only you can access it.

Where is my data stored and how is it secured?

In contrast to the majority of other security cameras, the Smart Indoor Camera does not store your videos in the cloud. It only stores them locally on an encrypted 8GB MicroSD card included. What is the advantage of this system? Your data is more secure and only you can access it. If you wish, you can also transfer your videos to your Dropbox account or an FTP.

What happens when my MicroSD card is full?

When the MicroSD card is full, the oldest footage is deleted and replaced by the most recent footage.

What does "No subscription" mean?

With Netatmo, as your videos are saved locally on a MicroSD card and not in the cloud, data storage is completely free. Therefore, you don't need to sign up to any annual or monthly contract. You can also store your videos for free on your Dropbox account or your personal FTP server.

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