With its Smart 2-in-1 Sensor, Netatmo announces its first MATTER product

The biggest Tech players are focussing this year’s CES event on the new MATTER standard. The main objective of this standard, developed jointly by more than 220 companies, is to widen the interoperability of smart home products, regardless of brand. Netatmo, as stakeholder in the alliance within the Legrand group, announces its first MATTER product: a Smart 2-in-1 Sensor.

What is MATTER? 

Smart home, voice assistants, applications, in a now very mainstream market, connected solutions and their immense variety can be a source of confusion for users. Alongside some 220 member companies of the Connectivity Standard Alliance, Netatmo has worked within the Legrand Group to develop a communication standard between connected objects. This means consumers no longer need wonder about the compatibility of a new connected product with those they already own. It also extends the possibilities for interaction between products and simplifies the use of voice assistants. 


Among the different IP technologies that support MATTER, THREAD is one of the IP technologies that support Matter. Invented by Google, and very quickly adopted by Apple, it is a highly energy-efficient technology that makes it possible to build meshed product networks in the home. Using a border router potentially in place for most users already (any Nest product, an Apple TV, HomePod mini, etc.), the network connects the different products around the house without hindrance caused by distance or partitions. 

The first MATTER-compatible Netatmo product 

Nas 3 Quart Web HD Scaled.jpgThe Netatmo Smart 2-in-1 Sensor is equipped with a contact sensor and an infrared motion detector. It is designed to improve home security and comfort equally. 

The sensor, placed on doors and windows, detects their opening and alerts the user by smartphone. Users can also remotely check the “open” or “closed” status of each equipped door or window.  

The sensor also enables infrared motion detection. With MATTER compatibility, it can interact with several other connected products and, for example, turn on the heating if the room is occupied, turn it off if it is empty, turn on Air Conditioning or lights when presence is detected, etc.

With THREAD and MATTER compatibility, the Netatmo Smart 2-in-1 Sensor can interact with all compatible products, regardless of brand. As a stakeholder in this standard, Netatmo continues to open up smart home access to as many consumers as possible.