Additional Smart Indoor Module

Measure the indoor environment of additional rooms

Weatherstation module additional product

Real-time indoor measurements

Data history

Real-time alerts

Indoor air quality


Connect up to three Indoor Modules and monitor all your rooms and measurements with a single application.

Family room

Having trouble relaxing in your living room? It may be due to the indoor air quality. Receive an alert if the CO2 level rises sharply.


Family room

Parent’s bedroom

Baby’s room


Child with asthma room


View your data history to understand changes in the room over time

View changes in your environment at a glance using charts accessible in the app. Humidity problems in the bathroom? Monitor how that evolves over time.

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Graphic indoor on device
Notification on application

Customize your notifications to choose which alerts you receive

Receive the information that matters most to you - such as excessively high CO2 levels or a drop in temperature - directly on your smartphone.

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Lifestyle living room

Simple and elegant design

Long battery life

Energy-efficient, up to 1 year of battery life.


Put it wherever you like in the room you want to monitor; there's no need to plug it in!

Weatherstation module additional product

In all your bedrooms

Monitor up to 3 rooms at the same time.

Save even more with the complete Weather Station pack.

Complete your Smart Home Weather Station with the Smart Rain Gauge and the Smart Anemometer, and take control of the weather. With its full range of measurement options, you'll be able to monitor all aspects of your environment.

Complete weatherstation bundle