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Protect your home with a complete security solution that can deter intruders

If an intruder enters your home, your alarm system will alert you and scare them off

The equipment in your Smart Alarm Pack works together to protect your home.
If the Indoor Camera or Door and Window Sensors detect a break-in, the user will get a notification and the Siren will sound to scare off the intruder.

Say goodbye to false alarms

With facial recognition, the Indoor Camera knows the difference between your family members and possible intruders. It also recognises your pets, meaning it only triggers the Alarm if a break-in happens.

Automatic activation/deactivation makes your life easier

The system arms and disarms itself automatically when you leave and return home. Take a breath - your smart equipment is programmed to take the hassle out of everyday life.

No extra fees

One piece of equipment purchased, zero hidden costs. Video storage and all features and updates for your Smart Alarm System with Camera can be accessed at any time, without a subscription.
Watch and download your Smart Indoor Camera’s videos directly on the app.

Fully secure data

For security and peace of mind, the videos are stored on the microSD card provided, either locally or directly on your personal cloud.

A Smart Alarm System with Camera that blends in with your home decor

An Alarm System that protects you without being noticed, thanks to its sleek and simple design

Simple installation

Simply place your Smart Home Camera opposite the front door, plug it in and connect it to the Wi-Fi. That’s it, you’re protected.
The Smart Door and Window Sensors stick to any type of door and window, and it only takes a few minutes to connect them to the Indoor Camera.
Place the Smart Indoor Siren on a piece of furniture or fix it to the wall, then follow the instructions in the app to activate your alarm. You can either use batteries or plug it in, the choice is yours!

Protect your home with the Smart Alarm System with Camera

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