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Four Stars
works very well can't wait to get a wing gage
Susan S. - 5 January 2016
Great little gadget and looks good too
Very easy to set up in fact it's so easy the instructions are in pictures, the weather station has a great finish and is a little longer than a tea spoon. The station gives out loads of information easily readable on my iPhone, iPad and my Mac. An unexpected bonus was when I logged onto the netatmo web site I can see other users of the weather station across the world.
Lord K. - 9 January 2016
An addition to my weather station and it works well
Tony R - 19 October 2017
Netatmo Wind Gauge, great addition.
The Netatmo Wind Gauge linked into my system with no problem. Started giving wind reading right away, checked against local weather reports and was spot on. Great addition to my Netatmo weather station.
Amazon Customer - 4 January 2016
Amazon Customer - 19 November 2017
Awesome addition to our weather station
Love having this on our weather station. We have set it up to give alerts if the wind raises above a set speed so we can take down our flag and anything else that may be damaged by high winds.
Camvab87 - 16 November 2017
Quick, easy install!
I've had the wind gauge outside for two weeks now. It works well and is very close to the national weather service station about 10 miles away. I think the construction is good and the installation was very quick and easy. I purchased the Netatmo mount and placed the wind gauge on top of a 6' tall 4x4 pole. I'll review the mount separately, but I'll say here that it did the job just fine. I would recommend the wind gauge to add additional value to your Netatmo personal weather station! I enjoy it.
HuskerFan - 19 September 2016
Must have with netatmo station
Nice packaging and easy installation. Comes with 4 AAA batteries which were discharged when unboxing. Must have option with the station.
Dimitry G. - 28 April 2014
Five Stars
Love it!!! Awesome product, have all the weather info and tracking I need at the tip of my fingers!
Houdini - 21 July 2017
I love the additional modules as I can monitor different rooms
I love the additional modules as I can monitor different rooms. They work great! Shame that they cannot monitor levels of noise
Nicola P. - 16 November 2017
Works great and exactly what is needed
Using only the internal component to monitor room temperature. Works great and exactly what is needed.
Lois - 18 March 2015
Very nice design, works perfectly
Works a treat! Make sure you secure it firmly though. I had simply placed it on top of a flat shed roof but high winds blew it straight off. It smashed on the concrete patio but I managed to put it back together and got it to work again. Lucky I guess so I've now fastened it to a house brick using two screws through the base. Placed that back on the shed roof and it has stayed there right through the winter. Seems to be quite accurate compared with my old fashioned mechanical rain gauge in the garden. You get alerts on your iPhone when the rainfall reaches a certain limit. Recommended.
Shep - 29 January 2016
If you looking to measure rainwater and to be able …
If you looking to measure rainwater and to be able to sync it with your phone this is only way to go.
Mr. Z. N. Bloom - 28 December 2015
Great Rain gauge
Easy setup. Works great. Has historical graph to easily see how much rain you have had in the past week.
John C. - 19 November 2017
Five Stars
Like living in the future.
Amazon Customer - 25 September 2017
Works great with Smartthings Hub!
Works great with all my other Home Automation products. I'm able to see how much wind is blowing and from what direction. I have the rain sensor too. If the wind picks up and it starts to rain I have a program to make it close my attic fan so I don't get any water in the attic.
Purfek I. - 25 May 2016
Was easy to connect to my existing NETATMO
Was easy to connect to my existing NETATMO. Measures rain very precisely. I live in an area with frequent heavy wind and one thing I had to deal with on other units was the fact that the wind would move the unit and it would produce false readings. Not with the NETATMO. I mounted it on a vinyl fence post by popping the cap, screwing on then putting the cap back on. Has been flawless. Very precise readings and I have an analog gauge to compare to. It has been right on.
Stephen R. - 7 September 2015
All the weather without needing a hat or coat
Delivers a range of useful information on what is happening outside without having to be there.
MAB - 16 November 2017
Easy to install and use
I like it. Humidity level and CO2 level measurements are very useful if you have a baby.
Roman K. - 9 September 2016
Four Stars
Very useful and user-friendly !
PETIOT - 22 December 2016
Good upgrade for Netatmo Weather Station
Does exactly what it is supposed to and I like the extra data for the weather station. Easy to set up and connected easily to my wifi even though its at far end of (admittedly small) garden.
Simon T. - 12 December 2015
Simple to setup and works very well. It's giving …
Simple to setup and works very well. It's giving me data that I've never had before on my existing Netatmo setup. I know have them all. I added to the basic one over time.
Kenting - 13 July 2017
... to the fall 2017 hurricane season and was an excellent tool for tracking the weather
Purchased this as add-on to my Netatmo weather station in the run up to the fall 2017 hurricane season and was an excellent tool for tracking the weather.
Will C Morin - 27 September 2017
Love it!
Great addition to the NetAtmo weather station. One can now get multiple temperature and other readings by adding more indoor modules. We have two, and can more easily verify temperature differences between upstairs and downstairs, and between the two ends of the downstairs, which regularly have significant variations.
RoundOut - 11 August 2017
Really like the data this little device collects
Really like the data this little device collects. Even in November’s cold evenings I am still opening windows to get fresh air into the house.
Alan - 16 November 2017
... the gauge for some time now and I really like it. I live on the Oregon Coast and …
Been using the gauge for some time now and I really like it. I live on the Oregon Coast and we get a lot of wind. I think it’s quite accurate and I have had no trouble with it.
The Catservant - 18 November 2017
AWESOME unit! Love it.
This is my favorite part of the NetAtmo weather system. It works so well, and is incredibly accurate by the nature of its design. I really enjoy being able to see how much rain we get at our home, versus what the local professional stations receive.
RoundOut - 11 August 2017
I am very pleased with the rain as well as all of the other wheather items!
Robert M. - 12 June 2015
Love my Netatmo weather station
Love my Netatmo weather station, keeps me informed of humidity levels at home where ever I am which is important for my guitars and other wood items that are sensitive to humidity levels
Rory M. - 18 November 2017
Good system
A good addition to the station. I can now see what the front room temperature is too now.
Derek C. - 7 October 2016
So easy. Even computer challenged people can set it up
We travel at various times of the year and for different lengths of time. We always worried about the heat and cold in our home. The Netamo was so easy to set up. It constantly and accurately keeps us updated on the temp inside the house and outside. One less worry while we travel.
mary marontate - 19 November 2017
Should have purchased Netatmo months ago.
After trying for an hour to get the main unit recognized by the app, I found out it was the power USB cable that was bad. Subsequent setup was a breeze and with the included outdoor module as the paid purchased rain gauge, everything is now in sync. I like keeping stats and knowing my surrounding area temperatures using the Netatmo weathermap feature. I may need to calibrate the rain gauge using the help section as it did not seem to be tracking the last few heavy downpours correctly. The app and online signon seems stable and easy to use. Purchased the rain gauge to specifically work with my yet to be installed Rachio IRO Smart Wifi Enabled Irrigation Controller.
I'm not an internet shopaholic - 16 June 2015
... the second Netatmo weather station I bought - can't recommend it highly enough
This is the second Netatmo weather station I bought - can't recommend it highly enough. The ability to automatically store data about so many parameters is amazing. It also looks nice around the house and most people can't tell what it actually is. My personal favorite is the CO2 sensor, based on which I now know when to open the windows to let fresh air in.
Adrian S. - 6 December 2015
A great bit of kit
I have seen some poor reviews of this product, but I have to say that this is a great bit of kit, simple to install, looks great, excellent app and website and accurate data.
Gordon B. - 3 December 2015
Worth it. Try it. Amazingly powerful and easy to setup. Great add-ons too.
Wow. How fantastic is this. I love it. I also bought an extra indoor one (different floors) and a rain sensor and wind sensor. An amazing setup. I have one at 3 different locations (home, office, extended family's home). I could say a lot more, but for now, I will keep it at this. Try it out. Easy set up, great app. great data.
J - 22 September 2017
Nice Weather Station Addition
Netatmo Rain Gauge works great and is accurate. I did take it inside this week for the winter due to to the extreme cold. Overall the entire Netatmo Weather Station works well. My outside temperature and humidity module is housed in a solar radiation shield to protect it from the rain and snow. I very happy with my Netatmo purchase and I'm looking forward to wind gauge.
dhcl604 - 5 January 2016
A nice addition to your netatmo station
A nice addition to your netatmo station, it will measure temperature, humidity and CO2. Perfect to check the air quality of a baby room.
BD - 13 June 2015
Works great. I know when I have to water my ...
Works great. I know when I have to water my plants
Tim M. - 18 November 2017
I had to have one…
Easy to sync up with the main module if you get the Module Manager software as has been previously pointed out. Seems to be very sensitive and speeds / directions seem to closely match intellicast website. Instruction very basic and this is why I'm withholding a star. Seems pretty expensive for what it is. The interface is pretty neat. It shows average, gusts and direction.
Hugh D. - 29 March 2016
Excellent...even 50 metres from router!
Was worried if wifi would work as 50 metres from router through three thick walls and a concrete floor.....but perfect! no issues at all after 3 months! And I love the app that goes with it....and weatherunderground and my netatmo are even better! Highly recommended for all weather geeks...
Andy - 24 September 2017
Brilliant piece of kit!
Brilliant piece of kit!
Grey B. - 3 August 2017
Great product
Netatmo is great! I have had an outdoor and three indoor modules for three years operating at two home we have. They are accurate and reliable. Great product and software interface on phone and desktop.
Joel L. - 18 November 2017
Great device for geeks and information seekers
A good unit that needs extra stability from a mount in strong winds. Great to have configured though If This Then That (IFTTT) and tell it to let you know when rain starts, i.e. to fetch the washing in! Even if you're at home and it starts raining you could be too engrossed watching TV or working to notice the weather. Configures really easily to the base station and only real issue was putting the black top back onto the white base after inserting the batteries. Looking forward to the wind sensor (but not at full price!)
Contributor77 - 22 December 2015
Great weather sensor!
Great sensor and easy to install. Your climate data when viewed on the webpage is amazing and looks great.
DutchBreeze - 11 March 2017
Great addition to your Netatmo weather station
Absolutely love it.
Mides - 26 July 2016
Four Stars
I have enjoyed this product. It is helpful for our farm
Amazon Customer - 25 May 2016
Simple setup and nice features
Simple setup and nice features make this a favorite of mine. Since it is wireless, I was able to locate it in the best spot without having to worry about wires. It paired easily with my weather station and then automatically shows up in the software of my iPhone. Nothing could have been simpler.
R. Kosh - 13 January 2016
Pair it up and away you go!
Added this to my Netatmo system and love it! It has functioned perfectly and I have had no issues with my gauge! The one thing that you need to have with this gauge is a mount for it. I used a security system camera mount that worked perfectly that I purchase on Amazon for around $6.00. I mounted that as the instructions said and put it next to the main unit and pair it up and done! Love the whole Netatmo system, can't wait for the wind guage!
Sivart - 25 April 2015
Excellent piece of kit.
Just the most brilliant piece of kit. Installation instructions worked a treat and it's great fun.
Jessica P. - 27 January 2017
Netatmo additional module
Great product, easy set up and everything works great. Its nice to know the temp. inside and right outside the front door...not some weather station a mile or more away.
Robert T. - 6 August 2013
Absolutely perfect! We use it for all kinds of applications
Absolutely perfect! We use it for all kinds of applications, the Greenhouse, Guest House, Fridge and Freezer, where we keep veal and hamburger we produce. Basically everywhere we want to get full controll. Recommend!
Tommy J. - 8 November 2017
Really easy to set up and easy to use app
Really easy to set up and easy to use app. Bit of a weather geek so just love it!
Dil - 15 January 2017
A must for your Rachio sprinkler controller.
This station is great. I also purchased the rain gauge. Works well with my Rachio sprinkler controller and makes the way the Rachio waters more accurate. Need the wind gauge now.
Emersonsdad - 11 April 2017
I now have the full station & it works extremely well, connot recomend enoth
P R BARDEN - 29 August 2017
This is the best weather station i’ve ever had
This is the best weather station i’ve ever had. I love that I can access it from work or wherever I am remotely.
Mrow - 20 November 2017
Great piece of tech!
A first class piece of kit which was very easy to set up and install (after you read the instructions!). I am really looking forward to adding to it with a rain gauge and an anemometer!
Steve - 15 January 2017
Perfect and accurate weather station for sprinkler systems
Love the rain gauge. I use the collected data to accurately control my sprinklers through Rachio.
Greg - 17 November 2017
Love this! Recommended for all weather geeks!
Love this! Also got wind and rain gauges... true weather geek! Best with MyNetatmo app and WeatherUnderground. Check out Fanhais, Portugal for my WeatherUnderground readings from the Netatmos!
Andy - 24 September 2017