Smart Door And Window Sensors

Be alerted even before a break-in occurs

Detect motion even before an intrusion occurs

Place the Sensors on your windows or doors to receive a notification when they are opened.
As the Sensors detect vibrations, they can alert you even before an intrusion.

Know if you left a window open

Thanks to the Sensor's integrated open/closed detection, you can choose to be alerted if you have accidentally left a window or the garage door open.
Check directly on your smartphone if all windows are closed.

Indoor and outdoor Sensors

Place the Sensors where you need them: they can be installed indoor and outdoor.
Installation is easy: simply stick the one-piece Sensor to any door or window.

Tag with rain

For an extra layer of security

Add the Smart Door and Window Sensors to your Smart Indoor Camera - the security system protects your home from the inside out.

Welcome with Tag

The Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensors only work with the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, sold separately. You can connect up to 12 Sensors per Camera.