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The Smart Door and Window Sensors alert you even before a break-in happens

Prevent break-ins

Paired with the Indoor Camera, the Sensors are placed on your doors and windows to detect movements and vibrations that indicate that someone is trying to force their way in. If there is a break-in attempt, you are instantly notified on your smartphone so you can take action as quickly as possible.

Keep an eye on your home in real-time

The Smart Door and Window Sensors can warn you if a door or window has been left open too long to prevent any risk of a break-in. Have you just left the house in a hurry? Check the open or closed status of all entry points to your home directly on your smartphone.

Complete your system for enhanced protection

The Smart Door and Window Sensors, Indoor Camera and Siren work together so that you can react quickly in case of a break-in. Your 110-decibel siren can sound when the Door and Window Sensors detect movement.

Sensors that blend in with your home’s decor

The Smart Door and Window Sensors discreetly monitor the home in your absence

Simple installation

The Smart Door and Window Sensors stick to any type of door and window. It then only takes a few minutes to connect them to the Indoor Camera.

Create a full security system

Discover our app

Create an ecosystem tailored to your needs. Access all your Netatmo security products and their features in the Home + Security app, with no subscription fees or any extra costs.

App available on App Store / Play Store.

Technology at the heart of the product

  • Interoperability
    • Connect your door and window sensors to other products in the Netatmo ecosystem via the indoor camera. You will be able to use your outdoor camera’s siren whenever a door/window is opened in your home.
  • Dimensions
    • 76x15.8x30.4 mm
  • Specifications
    • Sealed monobloc sensors with motion/vibration and open/closed detection
  • Connectivity
    • Long-range radio communication between the Sensors and the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera
  • Free app, for life
    • No subscription fees.
    • App available on App Store / Play Store.
  • App compatibility
    • iPhone and iPad compatibility:
    • The latest version of iOS or iPadOS is recommended.
    • Android compatibility:
    • A recent version of Android with access to Play Store is recommended.
    • Supported browsers
    • Web app available for the latest two versions of: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer.
  • System requirements
    • The sensors only work with the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera, sold separately. Max 12 sensors per Camera.
  • Pack contents
    • 3 Smart Door and Window Sensors
    • 3 x 2 AAA batteries
    • Double-sided stickers
  • Regulatory declarations
Materials and technologies
  • Materials
    • Made to lastA minimalist and timeless design made of durable, resistant white plastic.
  • Technologies
    • Be preparedWhen placed on your doors and windows, the Sensors will detect any movement or vibration indicating that someone is trying to force their way in.
    • Keep watch in real-timeThe Door and Window Sensors send an alert to your smartphone whenever a door or window is left open for too long.

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