Our co-creations

  • eRelax / vSmart

    Vaillant Group has launched eRelax/vSmart/Migo, one of its first smart modulating thermostats, co-created with Netatmo. This product has an incredibly simple interface and offers unique features for end users, installers and the group's partner service providers.
    In 2018, Vaillant developed a new 4G MiLink gateway for the social housing market, which allows partner service suppliers to monitor and maintain a fleet of boilers.
  • Ma conso+

    ENGIE has launched the Ma conso+ service, which has been co-created with Netatmo. It’s a smart service that enables ENGIE customers to track their power consumption in real-time and identify power-hungry appliances.

    Mon Pilotage Gaz

    ENGIE has co-created Mon Pilotage Gaz in partnership with Netatmo. It’s a smart service that combines the Netatmo Smart Thermostat and the ENGIE gas sensor to help customers manage their energy consumption. With it, customers can adjust their natural gas heating depending on their comfort preferences and budget.
  • Céliane with Netatmo

    Legrand and Netatmo have co-created Céliane with Netatmo, Mosaic with Netatmo and dooxie with Netatmo, the first range of smart switches and power outlets. They are affordable, easy to install, secure, interoperable and scalable. By combining their respective skills and expertise, Legrand and Netatmo are developing smart solutions that simplify the lives of electricians and users.

    CX3 with Netatmo

    Legrand and Netatmo have co-created Drivia with Netatmo, CX3 with Netatmo and Btdin with Netatmo, which are smart product ranges for electrical panels. A contactor and a remote switch enable users to control lighting and energy-intensive appliances. The energy meter or eco-meter accurately tracks the home’s energy consumption. The load-shedding device intelligently and temporarily cuts certain appliances off from the power in the case of overloading.

    Smarther with Netatmo

    Legrand and Netatmo have co-created Smarther with Netatmo, which is a smart thermostat that can be controlled locally on its screen, remotely via an app or by using voice commands. Its LED touchscreen displays the information needed to create and change temperature schedules, manage the setpoint temperature, activate the Boost feature for quick heating and control several thermostats in one or several homes.
  • Intuis Connect with Netatmo

    Intuis Group (formerly known as Muller) and Netatmo have co-created Intuis Connect with Netatmo, a connection module for electric radiators that improves users’ comfort while helping them save energy. Both teams have worked together throughout the project to leverage Intuis Group’s expertise in electric heating and Netatmo’s know-how in AI, connectivity and UX design.

    Intuis Connect Gateway​

    In collaboration with Netatmo, the Intuis group has created a new smart gateway. This gateway, designed for the latest generation of Intuis "Nativ" electric radiators, enables you to control and programme your electric radiators remotely. Now, you can enjoy optimal comfort in every room while saving energy.
  • Aldes EasyHOME® with Netatmo

    Aldes, the indoor air quality specialist, along with Legrand and Netatmo, are co-creating ALDES EasyHOME® with Netatmo, a smart ventilation solution that ensures healthy indoor air quality in the home.
  • iDiamant with Netatmo

    Bubendorff, Legrand and Netatmo have created iDiamant with Netatmo. This smart solution enables your Bubendorff radio shutters to be remotely controlled via the Legrand Home + Control App. You can also open or close your Bubendorff shutters with a simple tap on the Legrand Master Switch or by using your voice.
  • Velux with Netatmo

    VELUX Group and Netatmo have co-created VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO, a smart solution enabling automatic, centralised and remote control of roof windows, blinds and shutters. This smart solution draws on the expertise of both brands to provide an intuitive experience that brings comfort and quality of life to the user.