Home security: what are the best systems to protect your home?

Although burglary offences are steadily decreasing, there were still more than 422,000 home burglaries recorded in England and Wales during the period between 2018 and 2019. Many homeowners feel more vulnerable during the months of winter, as the longer, darker nights provide more natural cover for potential intruders. However, the warmer seasons also provide opportunities for burglars to enter homes: for one thing, better weather means doors and windows are more likely to be left open.

Which devices should I include in my home security system?

It’s important to make sure you have a reliable monitoring system installed in your home. These security systems can help to keep your home secure all year round, especially if you choose to install smart security devices.

You might select CCTV surveillance security cameras, alarm systems, sensors for monitoring movement in and around your home, effective security locks, or other devices to control your home security.

With the modern technology that’s available, wireless home security systems are becoming an increasingly popular option.

While wired security systems can be complex and expensive to install in your home, wireless systems often provide a more cost effective and flexible option.

Wireless security cameras, motion detection systems, alarms and security sensors are often completely battery powered. So, there’s no need to link them up to your home’s electricity supply.

This means these home security devices can be easy to install by yourself, without needing to pay for professional installation.

Both renters and buyers can benefit from the flexibility of wireless home security systems.

If you’re often moving from home to home fairly often, you’ll be able to simply detach your wireless cameras, alarms or sensors that you’ve installed around your home with each new move.

This means you’ll only need to invest in home security devices once, then easily move them from one property to the next.

Have you considered installing a smart doorbell to increase your home security? These devices are really handy for increasing your home safety. Whenever there’s a ring at the doorbell, your smart system will let you seen who’s there. Plus, many smart doorbell models include facial recognition technology and useful microphone functions. Intrigued? Check out the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell today!

What are the added benefits of installing a smart home security system?

Smart home security devices constitute some of the latest, cutting edge home security systems available on the market.

There are multiple added benefits involved in installing smart security devices in your home:

  • Interconnection between your home’s smart security devices, ensuring they work in sync to protect your home
  • Safe, easy, remote control via apps that are available to download onto your portable smart devices
  • The smart operation you’d expect from smart alarms: they’ll only go off when absolutely necessary

First up, interconnection between your home’s smart security installations.

Whether you’ve opted for smart security cameras, a system of smart sensors on your home’s doors and windows, smart alarms or other home security options, you can make sure all your new devices work together.

Wireless smart security devices most commonly work by linking up to your home’s WiFi system.

Simply install all your home security gadgets on the same WiFi network and they’ll easily be able to coordinate their monitoring systems.

Then, using a connection between your home security system and your portable smart devices, you can control your property’s security safely, remotely and easily, from any location and at any time.

Plus, smart alarms really are as clever as they sound. These home security devices are configured to detect the difference between suspicious movements in and around your home and normal, day to day activities.

So, your smart alarms and sensors will constantly monitor your home, but they’ll only kick in when there’s a real reason to raise the alarm.

How can you make sure your home security system is as effective as possible?

As we’ve seen, there are a wide variety of options available to optimise your home security system.

You might want to consider:

  • A central alarm system for your home
  • Strategically located CCTV surveillance cameras, with both indoor and outdoor devices
  • A smart doorbell system
  • Motion detectors to monitor movements on your property
  • Sensors to detect intruders opening doors and windows
  • Stickers from your security company that alerts people to the fact that you have alarms or security cameras set up in your home

But, smart features make sure that these security features won’t interfere with your family’s daily life and normal activities.

As we briefly looked at before, it’s possible to configure your smart home security systems to only be activated when you need.

Plus, you can change these settings remotely using apps on your smart devices. So, you can constantly make the best decisions to keep your home safe.

You can even deter intruders by using smart timers on your home’s lights, so that it looks like people are occasionally moving from room to room around the home.

Recent research carried out in the United Kingdom shows that over half of home owners frequently leave some lights on in their home, to make it look like there are people at home.

Thieves are far more likely to target homes that look like they’re standing empty, as they won’t encounter any resistance from residents if they break and enter.

So, you could consider installing home security systems that simulate the presence of people within the home.

Now, you can make this security measure much more high tech, using smart timers for your home’s lighting system. You could potentially also save energy by making adaptations to your home’s smart lighting system.

Plus, there are also smart security devices that allow you to make pre-recorded sounds to effectively deter potential intruders.

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