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VELUX App Control

Take control of your VELUX roof windows, blinds and shutters

Velux active with Netatmo product
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Remote & Voice control

Advanced scheduling

Automatic heat protection

Upgrade at any time ​to VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO​

Stay in control, wherever you are

Operate your VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, blinds and shutters wherever you are from your smartphone. At a glance, you can check the state of all your VELUX products and open/close them if needed.

Velux App Voice control

« Hey Siri, open the bedroom’s roof windows »

Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant compatibility lets you use voice control to operate your VELUX roof windows, blinds and shutters.

Protect your home from overheating, automatically

VELUX App Control can proactively close any VELUX INTEGRA® shutters and awnings based on sunlight data from the Internet. ​
As a result, your rooms always remain fresh, even during the summertime.

Velux Home

Set your own schedules​

With intuitive scheduling features, VELUX App Control can easily adapt to your lifestyle.​

​ Your blinds and shutters can automatically open in the morning, every day of the week.

​ Do you care about your indoor climate? Simply set a schedule to air out your home at your desired times of the day

Choose the best fit for your home ​

Velux App Control Gateway
Velux Active Gateway

VELUX App Control​


Remote & Voice control

Advanced scheduling

Automatic heat protection

Ventilation timer

CO2, Humidity, ​
Temperature & Lux sensor data

Smart sensor-based ventilation​

Live weather data​

Easy installation​

You can easily set up and install VELUX App Control yourself, without any professional assistance.

It works out of the box with any VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows, blinds, shutters or solar motors.

Velux App Control Gateway