The Home + Security app has a new look: explore new features step by step

The Home + Security app is changing. This new version, which will be rolled out gradually from 6 February 2024, has a brand-new interface, carefully designed to be more intuitive and provide more direct access to your favourite features.1 Visual Tab Bar (2)

The new version of the app is more user-friendly, with quick access to three core features:

  • The Dashboard: This gives you an overview of what’s happening in your home, with the ability to take actions related to your products

Visual 2 Dashboard

  • The Timeline: Modern and more visual, this records past events within the app and allows you to replay their content.

Visual 3 Timeline

  • Settings: They let you manage the home, add products, and change your notification preferences.

Visual 4 Settings

Find out more about the main changes:

Home alarm

Products included: Smart Indoor Siren or Smart Outdoor Camera with Siren

Positioned as a prominent tile at the top of the Dashboard, the new “Home Alarm” section not only displays the current status of the alarm but also enables you to trigger all house Sirens at the same time.

Visual 5 Home Alarm


Products included: Smart Indoor Camera

Get a more precise and immediate overview of who's currently "At Home". You can get a rundown of all the people who are “At Home” or “Away” by tapping the “See more” button.

Tapping on a profile gives you access to the actions that can be made on that profile.

Visual 8 Profiles Zoom
Visual 7 Profiles

Visual 6 Profile Actions

Door Locks

Products included: Smart Door Lock and Keys

The way Door Locks are unlocked has been redesigned with a slider, offering a clear visual indication of the Lock's status.

Visual 9 Door Lock


Products included: Smart Indoor Camera, Smart Outdoor Camera, Smart Video Doorbell

On the dashboard, the Cameras are arranged vertically, one below the other, so you no longer need to swipe from left to right.

This also means you can easily view two cameras at once.

Camera-related actions (Activate/Deactivate Monitoring, Turn on floodlight, etc.) can also be accessed under each camera.

Visual 10 Cameras

Siren, Sensors and Alarms

Products included: Smart Indoor Siren, Smart Door and Window Sensors, Smart Smoke Alarm, Smart Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Sirens are grouped together in a dedicated "Siren" section. The Sensors and Alarms are grouped together just below that, in the "Sensors" section at the bottom of the Dashboard.

Visual 11 Siren Sensors

Tapping on a siren gives you access to its sound and settings. You can also access relevant actions for the Alarms and Sensors with a single tap.

Visual 12 Siren Actions

Visual 13 Sensors Actions

Legrand and Bticino video door entry systems

Products included: Classe 300 EOS, Classe 100X, EasyKit with Netatmo, IP Indoor Unit, HDL Indoor Unit

The way door strikes and bolts are unlocked has been redesigned as a slider for more security.

All video door entry system functions, including camera activation, favourites and intercom, are grouped and available on the homepage.

Visual 14 Bticino 1