Pack for district heating FAQ

How the Smart Radiator Valves work

How do the Smart Radiator Valves work?

The Smart Radiator Valves use two integrated temperature sensors to gauge the temperature of a room. They compare the temperature measured in the room against the setpoint temperature to control the flow of hot water to the radiator in order to reach the desired temperature in the room.

How do the Smart Radiator Valves communicate?

The Smart Radiator Valves only communicate with the Relay in long-range radio frequency via a secured protocol developed by Netatmo. The Relay uses Wi-Fi to communicate with the Internet unit. We recommend placing the Relay at a central point within your home. It does not connect to public Internet access points (hotspots).

Can i buy a Smart Radiator Valve Starter Pack to add to my Netatmo thermostat?

No, the Thermostat Relay would then conflict with the Relay in the collective heating pack. If you already have a Netatmo Thermostat, you will need to buy one or more Additional Smart Radiator Valves.

what power supply do the Smart Radiator Valves use?

The Smart Radiator Valve uses two AA batteries (supplied). It has a battery life of two years.

Who can control the Smart Radiator Valves?

Anyone with a Netatmo account linked to the relevant products

Can i control my Smart Radiator Valves from a pc?

You can use the controls in the web interface in the same way as the Netatmo Energy mobile app.

What is the power consumption of the relay unit?

The power consumption of the Relay unit is 500 mW.

Do the Smart Radiator Valves still work if the wi-fi connection is lost?

If the Wi-Fi connection is lost, the Smart Radiator Valves continue to apply the schedule or the temporary setpoint temperature requested. The heating can also be controlled manually, directly from the Smart Radiator Valves.

Can i use away mode and frost protection mode for all of my Smart Radiator Valves?

Yes. You can enable the Away and Frost Protection Modes for all of your Smart Radiator Valves in one go. When one of these modes is enabled, the entire installation applies the setpoint temperature in the Away or Frost guard mode (by default, 12°C for Away mode and 7°C for Frost guard mode).

Do the netatmo Smart Radiator Valves comply with regulations on individual billing for heating consumption?

Yes, the Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves comply with European legislation on individual billing for heating consumption. Multi-occupancy buildings must calculate heating costs according to the actual consumption of each household. As such, each home must be equipped with heating cost allocators and must be able to control the heating effectively using thermostatic valves, such as the Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves.

Who can control the Smart Radiator Valves?

Anyone with a Netatmo account linked to the relevant products

Choosing my system

why do i need a smart thermostat rather than a smart thermostatic valve starter pack?

If you have an individual heating system, then a Smart Thermostat is required to control your boiler activation.
If you install a Starter Pack onto an individual boiler system, it will not be able to control the boiler and will not have any effect in terms of energy savings.

In what cases should i buy a pack for district heating?

The pack for district heating is suitable for households that do not have a central thermostat and are heated by a collective heating system (shared boiler with other households) or by district heating (heat network from a geothermal source or cogeneration plant). In these cases, it is possible to have up to 20 Smart Radiator Valves per installation.

Organising my home

Should i fit Smart Radiator Valves in every room of my home?

For optimum heat regulation, we recommend that you do equip all of your radiators. Depending on the configuration of your heating system, however, you may need to leave one radiator always on to avoid any over-pressure in the water circuit. Ask your heating engineer for advice.

I have multiple radiators in one room. do they all need to be fitted with Smart Radiator Valves?

A Smart Radiator Valve allows you to regulate the flow of hot water circulating in the radiator. If you have more than one radiator in the same room, we do recommend that you fit them all with a smart radiator valve so that they can be synchronised to provide a consistent temperature.

What about the rooms that are not fitted with Smart Radiator Valves?

Rooms that are not fitted with Smart Radiator Valves are heated by the flow of hot water to the radiators, as controlled by the existing system (manual tap or standard valve).

Can the Smart Radiator Valves in the same room detect different temperatures?

Yes, but the Smart Radiator Valves in the same room will communicate between themselves and calculate the average ambient temperature. This temperature will be the one that they display.

What features does compatibility with apple homekit, alexa and google assistant give me?

Compatibility with Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant means that you can control your heating by voice commands and, in certain situations, can create routines, for example.

Can i add my Smart Radiator Valves into a connected system (such as home automation)?

Absolutely. The Netatmo Connect API allows you to add the Smart Radiator Valves into your home automation system. The Smart Radiator Valves can also be linked to other connected objects using the IFTTT service or voice assistants. Go to for more information.


Can i leave any manual valves in my installation?

If your installation also includes manual valves, you can either leave them as they are or replace them with Smart Radiator Valves after replacing the valve body with a compatible thermostatic model.

What is the maximum distance between a smart radiator valve and the relay?

Up to 100 metres in an open space. We recommend that the Relay is placed in a central point in your home.

Can netatmo Smart Radiator Valves be installed on any type of radiator?

The Smart Radiator Valves are compatible with 90% of hot-water radiators. Compatibility depends on the valve body installed on the radiator. Six adapter types are included in the Smart Radiator Valve packs (six adapters per valve) and five additional adapter types are available to buy separately from the Netatmo online store. Go to for more information.

What if i buy the netatmo Smart Radiator Valves and then find that my radiators are in the 10% that are not compatible?

We recommend contacting a professional to have your current valve body units replaced with compatible thermostatic valves.

what is an open-flow radiator? do i need to install a smart radiator valve on this type of radiator?

An open-flow radiator is a radiator that must always be left on in order to allow hot water to flow through. This radiator is generally located in the living room or in the entrance of the the home. No controls should be added to this radiator, in order to avoid damaging the heating system. A Smart Radiator Valve should therefore not be installed.

In which cases should i call a professional to install the netatmo Smart Radiator Valves?

If your existing radiator valves are manual valves, you will need to bleed the radiators and change the valve bodies before installing the Netatmo Smart Radiator Valves. We recommend that you call in a professional to carry out this work. Check your existing valves on

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