Netatmo partners with Muller Group to create Intuitiv® with Netatmo

Netatmo rolls out its “with Netatmo” programme and announces a partnership with the Muller Group. The revolutionary smart home company Netatmo unveils their “with Netatmo” partnership program and announces its partnership with the thermal comfort specialist the Muller Group. Netatmo and the Muller Group are co-creating a solution for smart electric radiators named Intuitis® with Netatmo.

The “with Netatmo” solutions unveiled at CES 2017 have now been adopted by property developers and building industry professionals.

Netatmo announces Intuitiv® with Netatmo connected electric radiators co-created with the Muller Group

Through its “with Netatmo” programme and its partnerships with building industry leaders, Netatmo develops connected solutions for individual housing infrastructures.

Today, Netatmo announces a partnership with thermal comfort specialist the Muller Group and their co-created Intuitiv® with Netatmo connected electric radiators.

Intuis® with Netatmo allows users to improve their comfort while also reducing their electricity bill. Intuitiv® with Netatmo enables individual smart heating control in each room through the existing electric radiators. It calculates heating schedules according to the characteristics of each room and users’ lifestyles.

Intuis® with Netatmo is compatible with Airélec, Applimo, Campa and Noirot electric radiators with a dedicated slot.

Intuis® with Netatmo has been awarded “Smart Home” and “Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology” awards in the CES Innovation Awards competition.

Under this new collaboration, Netatmo will provide its expertise in product software integration, electronics, and user experience.

“The ‘with Netatmo’ programme allows us to develop new connected objects for the home with partners who are cutting-edge leaders in their respective fields, such as windows with the VELUX, electrical fitting solutions with Legrand and electric heating with the Muller Group”, explains Netatmo founder and president Fred Potter. “It reflects our ability to develop solutions for building industry professionals.”

“with Netatmo” programme solutions adopted by building industry professionals

One year after their introduction at CES 2017, the “with Netatmo” programme solutions have already been adopted by property developers and building industry professionals.

For instance, in France, the Céliane with Netatmo solution which was designed with Legrand has already been embraced by two real estate developers. They both implemented the solution to all units of two large apartment complexes. Céliane with Netatmo makes each apartment automatically connected and gives residents the power to control appliances through their connected power sockets and switches.

“The connected home is increasingly within everyone’s reach, as evidenced by the success of the ‘with Netatmo’ solutions with property developers and the building industry. They are interested in solutions that make residences more comfortable, more energy-efficient and safer. The ‘with Netatmo’ products provide an ideal solution and an opportunity to present a new application to users”, explained Netatmo founder and president Fred Potter. “This context underscores the relevance of the ‘with Netatmo’ open programme enabling us to consolidate our market share in the professional sector and to also entrench our leading position.”

The “with Netatmo” programme solutions

The “with Netatmo” program already has two co-creations announced at CES 2017:

Netatmo and Legrand designed the Céliane with Netatmo range of products for the French market; it is the first range of connected, affordable, easy to install, safe, interoperable and upgradable range of power sockets and switches. This range allows users to remotely control lighting, electrical appliances and roller shutters using their smartphone and by voice using an Apple HomeKit.

Netatmo and VELUX have designed the VELUX ACTIVE with NETATMO connected solution including a range of smart controls to automatically open VELUX skylights, external blinds, and motorised roller blinds to maintain a healthy and comfortable interior climate.