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Aldes EasyHOME® with Netatmo

Smart ventilation

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Aldes EasyHOME with Netatmo smart ventilation solution ensures the healthiest home indoor air quality by providing you with intuitive remote control and scheduling of your CMEV* from the Legrand Home + Control App, or with your voice.

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Your home ventilation becomes smarter

By seamlessly integrating with the
Legrand Home + Control App, Aldes EasyHOME® with Netatmo allows you to include CMEV* into personalized smart home scenarios or custom actions schedules, and remotely control it from anywhere.


“Turn the ventilation on in the kitchen”

For example, while cooking with busy hands, simply ask Siri to boost ventilation in the kitchen to efficiently extract polluted air.

Ventilate your home when it matters

One or several actions schedules can be created and enabled with ease within the App.

For instance, a “Daily” schedule could automatically trigger a ventilation boost at 7:30pm every weekday, in order to limit unpleasant smells in the kitchen at meal time.

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Easy home bundle product

The solution includes an Aldes connected self-balanced exhaust fan coming with three ColorLINE® discreet ventilation grilles, and a Legrand ‘Céliane with Netatmo’ CMEV wireless switch to be screwed or stuck, and repositioned anywhere in the home.

Easy to install

Aldes EasyHOME® with Netatmo is very easy to set up, and perfectly suited for retrofitted homes.

The connected exhaust fan can replace an existing non-connected unit with ease.
Pair more wireless switches to the exhaust fan to add more ventilation controls throughout your house without any wiring.

The solution requires the prior installation of a Connected Starter Pack from Legrand smart products ranges such as ‘Arteor with Netatmo’, ‘Céliane with Netatmo’, ‘Living Now with Netatmo’ or ‘Drivia with Netatmo’.

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