Somfy and Netatmo are joining forces  to create best-in class indoor air quality and thermal comfort experience

Somfy, the world leader in window and door automation, and Netatmo, a leading French smart home company, announce a compatibility between SOMFY Group’s Connectivity Platform TaHoma® and Netatmo devices to enable users to better manage their thermal comfort and make energy savings and to improve the indoor air quality of homes.


Manage your environment from anywhere

Wouldn't it be great if you could measure your environment data to manage it better? The Netatmo Air Quality Monitor and the Weather Station give you real-time environment readings on your smartphone.

  • In an apartment: Let our Smart Air Quality Monitor help simplify your daily life and improve your indoor environment.
  • In a house: Whether inside, in your garden or on your terrace, the Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station accurately measures your indoor and outdoor environment to improve your comfort. Perfect for getting local weather data, the Smart Home Weather Station is the ultimate tool for planning your outdoor activities.

Improve thermal comfort thanks to the weather station and automatic shutters  

With the increase in summer heat waves, thermal comfort management has become essential.  

Thanks to the temperature sensor of Netatmo Smart Weather Station, users can program in their TaHoma® App the appropriate scenario to improve thermal comfort in summer by avoiding overheating and in winter by benefiting from the natural heat of the sun. 

In summer, when the outside temperature becomes too high, roller shutters motorized by Somfy close automatically to keep the house cool. 

In winter, they open to take advantage of the sun's free heat and warm the house, then close at nightfall to keep the warmth in. 

« Thermal comfort is becoming major concerns more than ever. Our partnership with Netatmo will enable us to offer users a simplified, unified experience of connected housing. Somfy has made openness and interoperability a pillar of its strategy with the launch of the "So Open" program in 2018. Our TaHoma® solution is compatible with nearly 300 types of home products, and today we are proud to expand this ecosystem with Netatmo », said Benedicte SIMOND, Head of Products and Services of SOMFY Group.

Manage air quality 

According to European Ventilation Industry Association (EVIA), indoor air is 2 to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. Good ventilation is essential for maintaining a healthy living environment. The collaboration between TaHoma® and Netatmo makes things easier for users.

When the level of CO2 or humidity detected by Netatmo Weather station becomes critical, it is time to open the windows to refresh the air. Users are notified in their TaHoma® App.  The solution is also compatible with Netatmo Indoor Air Quality Monitor. 


« Around the world, a host of users are taking care of their indoor air quality, anticipating their outdoor activities or deciding what clothes to wear today thanks to the Smart Weather Station or the Indoor Air Quality Monitor. As part of the automation process, these invaluable sensors also enable the smart home to become a truly intelligent, more comfortable and more energy-efficient home. Netatmo is proud to be contributing to this evolution in usage, both through its own actions and through its valuable collaborations. », said Audrey Vaudo, head of Product Marketing at Netatmo. 

This partnership between Netatmo and Somfy is available in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Italy, Spain from 3 October 2023 and UK, Nordics countries, Netherlands, Belgium from 11 April 2024.