Smart Outdoor Camera installation guide

Quick and easy installation

Whether you’re replacing an outdoor light or installing your security camera in a new place, Netatmo has the solution for the quick and easy installation of your Outdoor Camera with or without Siren

1 hour

Easy to install and suited to all homes

  • You’re replacing an outdoor light

    4-step installation:
    • remove the existing light,
    • screw the camera mount to the wall,
    • connect the wires,
    • fix the camera to the mount.
  • You don’t have an outdoor light

    Install a power cable in a location that’s ideal for monitoring your home or garden. Follow the instructions in the user guide. If you get stuck, you can call a professional.


Your Smart Outdoor Camera communicates via Wi-Fi with your internet router, without the need for an additional hub. You can then control your camera remotely from the Netatmo app.

Download the installation manual

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