Be alerted in the event of a fire, wherever you are

Real-time alerts on your smartphone

Away from home? It doesn’t matter how loud a powerful 85 dB smoke alarm is when you’re away – how will you hear? Unlike traditional smoke detectors, the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm eliminates this worry by providing smoke alert warnings in real time, whenever smoke is detected, straight to you and your family’s smartphones.

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House children

10-year battery life*

Many people tend not to replace their smoke alarms' batteries when they are depleted because they have to do it too often. Therefore, when fires start, how can they know it if the smoke detector does not work anymore?
The Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm is equipped with a unique 10-year built-in battery* which means you won't need to think about replacing the batteries for a decade. The Smart Smoke Alarm's battery lasts the product's entire service life, so if a fire starts within that time, you will be alerted no matter what. After 10 years, it is recommended to replace all your smoke alarms.

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Sleeping baby

No more low-battery alerts for a decade*

Losing sleep to annoying low-battery alerts from your smoke detector at night? Sleep easier without worrying about your alarms' batteries thanks to the Netatmo Smart Smoke Alarm’s full 10-year lifetime battery*.

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Effortless to install

No more worrying about wiring alarms in. Simply install the wireless Smart Smoke Alarm on the ceiling, download the app, and you’re ready to protect your home from fires. Simple.

Where to install the Smart Smoke Alarm?

For your safety and protection, one Smart Smoke Alarm should be installed in every bedroom, children’s room and hallway. For maximum safety, additional Smart Smoke Alarms should be installed in the living room, attic and basement. Local regulations may also apply depending on your country of residence. Check your country's legislation regarding smoke detectors.

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Automatic self-check

Do you ever need re-assuring that your smoke alarm is working correctly? The Smart Smoke Alarm constantly monitors its own battery, smoke detection sensor and Wi-Fi connection. It sends you an immediate warning on your smartphone if an issue arises with any of the three.

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Smoke alarm operation

Low-battery alert

The Smart Smoke Alarm alerts you on your smartphone when its battery is approaching the end of its 10-year lifespan* and that the device needs to be replaced.

Sound test reminder

Set monthly, biannual or annual notifications from the app to remind you to test your Smart Smoke Alarm.
Netatmo recommends testing the Smart Smoke Alarm's sound at least once a year.

Hush the alarm from your smartphone

Burned toast set the alarm off by accident? No need to stand on a chair to turn the alarm off from the ceiling - simply silence the Smart Smoke Alarm from your smartphone.

Standalone product

The Smart Smoke Alarm is completely standalone. You don’t need an expensive smart home hub to make it work.

The Smoke Alarm for complete protection

Optical (photoelectric) smoke sensor

85 dB alarm upon smoke detection

Wi-Fi for remote alerts

Built-in batteries with a 10-year lifespan*

Integrated LED for status information

Bluetooth Low Energy for the remote use of the Hush feature and for the compatibility with HomeKit

*Life span for typical use. The battery's life span may vary based on the use of the Smart Smoke Alarm. For further information, please go to:


Wi-Fi router. It does not connect to public internet access points (hotspots).
No, if you have more than one Smart Smoke Alarm, they will not interconnect although all of them will appear in the same app.
As many Smart Smoke Alarms as you like.
Your Smart Smoke Alarm will operate as a conventional smoke alarm. It will still be triggered if smoke is detected. However, if there is no internet connection, it can't send you a smartphone notification.
No. The batteries are integral to the product and cannot be replaced. The Smart Smoke Alarm's battery lasts for ten years and covers the full lifetime of the product. After 10 years, you are advised to replace all your smoke alarms, of whatever kind, to ensure they continue to operate effectively.
No. Two-in-one products are not recommended because the ideal location for a smoke alarm is not the same as the ideal location for a carbon monoxide detector. A smoke alarm should be located on the ceiling because smoke rises very quickly, whereas a carbon monoxide detector should be located on the wall, at person height, because carbon monoxide mixes with air.