Aldes, indoor air quality specialist, Legrand and Netatmo, are co-creating ALDES EasyHOME® with Netatmo, a smart ventilation solution that ensures the healthiest home indoor air quality at home.

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Legrand and Netatmo have co-created the first ranges of smart switches and power outlets that are affordable, easy to install, secure, interoperable and evolutive.
By joining forces and sharing respective assets and expertise, Legrand and Netatmo are launching smart solutions that will make the lives of both installers and end users much simpler.

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Muller Group and Netatmo have co-created Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo, a connection module for electric radiator. It improves users comfort while helping them save energy. Both companies’ teams work together throughout the entire project to leverage Muller Group’s expertise in electric heating and Netatmo’s know-how in artificial intelligence, connectivity and UX design.

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VELUX Group and Netatmo have co-created VELUX ACTIVE with Netatmo, a smart solution enabling automatic, centralised and remote control of roof windows, blinds and shutters.
This solution leverages the two brands’ assets and expertise to provide optimum convenience and energy savings to end users.

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Bubendorff, Legrand and Netatmo are collaborating to create iDiamant with Netatmo. This smart solution enables your Bubendorff radio shutters to be remotely controlled via the Legrand Home + Control App. You can also open or close your shutters with a simple tap on the Legrand Master Switch, or using just your voice.

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Vaillant Group has launched eRelax/vSmart, a new modulating Smart Thermostat co-created with Netatmo. This breakthrough HVAC product offers a remarkably simple user interface and a range of unique functions that have never been available in any other product in the world. All of this in a great original design.

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