What is a hygrometer?

As you know, the more accurate the weather data you have, the better you can act. A hygrometer thermometer (or Thermo-hygro) is usually an indoor product, to measure both the temperature and the humidity level in your home. Indeed, this information is complementary. Knowing the temperature and humidity with a hygrometer can be particularly useful in everyday life.

The hygrometer thermometer, ideal for measuring both temperature and humidity indoors

We won't insult you by explaining what a thermometer is, apart from reminding you that it is the reference weather device for measuring the temperature of a room or place. There are several types, such as the mercury thermometer and the connected thermometer. Very precise and whatever its operating principle, it never disappoints and lasts over time.
The hygrometer is a rarer and less well-known device but has been used since 1664. This product is designed to measure the relative humidity, or just the relative humidity (commonly known as the humidity rate. To do this, the hygrometer measures the condensation temperature of the water vapour in the air: this is called the dew point, it also measures changes in capacitance or electrical resistance. This is how it is able to measure differences in humidity.

A hygrometer is simply a device that combines the functions of a thermometer and hygrometer in one product, for greater convenience and readability. Therefore, you have the temperature and relative humidity of the room displayed on a small box's screen (the Thermo-hygro).

It is a product that fulfills many of your wishes. But of course, it all depends on what you want…
So far, nothing exceptional. So how can a hygrometer-thermometer help you around the house? For several reasons. In particular, temperature and humidity have a strong and direct influence on health, well-being, and building maintenance.

Combining the functions of thermometer and hygrometer in one product is good. Integrating weather forecasts, indoor air quality, or a sound level meter, it's even better to take control of your indoor and outdoor environment! It is possible and even easy with the Netatmo Smart Weather Station.

Why use a hygrometer?

Continuously recording and monitoring the temperature and humidity of a location can serve several purposes. At home, it is important to stay within the recommended health values: a humidity level between 40 and 60% and a temperature that remains between 16 and 22 degrees. To maintain a free indoor air pollution home.

Falling below these values can have negative consequences for health, housing, and indoor air, rising above them as well! And how do you know where you stand if you don't have the right measuring devices, such as thermometers and hygrometers?
You can't guess these values.

Farmers also need to keep track of the temperature and humidity of the premises where their animals live. As with humans, animals also need to live in ideal conditions in terms of temperature and humidity.
Temperature and humidity measurements are sometimes more than a desire, they are a need.
To sum up, regardless of the actual use, it is always useful to know the temperature and humidity level both indoors and outdoors. What could be more practical then than to be able to analyse all this data on a single device, the hygrometer?
Then it becomes possible to act on the recorded data. Measuring is the first step to taking action to reduce humidity, increase temperature or generally improve your comfort.

And the more accurate this information is, the more accurate and appropriate your answers will be.

Temperature, humidity, noise level, noise pollution, indoor pollution, rain forecast, weather forecast… all directly on your smartphone and with precision, that's the promise of the Netatmo Smart Weather Station. This is the promise of the Netatmo Smart Weather Station, a digital and connected product that is quick and easy to deliver and use.

What is the price of a hygrometer?

A hygrometer thermometer and a rather affordable product, especially for a digital model with little technological advancement. This type of Thermo-hygro is usually available at an affordable price. Depending on the design, functionality, and brand of the Thermo-hygro, the price varies from around 10 to around 100 pounds.

Of course, if the device is connected or more technically advanced, the price increases accordingly.
Also, when many other data are added, the product is not a hygrometer anymore, or at least not only. These are the weather stations that collect the most weather measurements. However, their price is higher, between 100 and 200 pounds.
As we usually say here, to choose your hygrometer according to its price, the most important thing is to define your desires and needs. What will you use it for? Is it to take a look at it from time to time or to better control the temperature and humidity? There are as many hygrometer thermometers as there are uses.

And of course, you will also find all price levels. So what are you going to do with your hygrometer? Do you need a large high-definition screen or a minimalist digital display? You have the answer, the brands have adapted Thermo-hygro.

The hygrometer thermometer is the reference device for measuring the temperature and the humidity level in a given place at the same time and with precision thanks to its sensors. Combining the functions of a thermometer and a hygrometer, offers visibility on each of these variables. Keep indoor air pollution out! Finally, don't forget that other devices can offer even more functionality, such as weather stations.