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The connection to Dropbox is great and makes the system very affordable over time.
Thomas M. - 26 November 2016
Superbe outdoor security camera
Straight out of the box this was so easy to install, it connected to the existing wiring for my outside light. Easy to connect to my broadband using the easy to use iPhone app. Really easy to set the trigger range. I set my camera to just trigger for people, however it can also spot animals and cars. The camera records sound as well as video, is excellent for securing the front of the house, and also for knowing when deliveries have been made even hen I am not at home. I have been looking for a simple security camera for a couple of years, it is quite simply brilliant
G.M. Grove - 28 January 2017
Not disappointed at all Netatmo have done it again
Been a fan of Netatmo for some years, having got the complete weather station and thermostat I knew the Presence would be of quality build and reliable. Not disappointed at all Netatmo have done it again, I read others had issues connecting but mine had no issues.
Mr A Johnson - 20 May 2017
I decided to pick this device based on the following abilities over it's competitors: 1 - Ability to upload files to FTP (to my NAS) as well as an option for uploads to Dropbox 2 - Replacing an existing light fixture provided constant power without running additional wiring I am happy with the device, as it has met all of my expectations. Push notifications with screenshots to my Apple Watch are very convenient. There does appear to be about a 14 second delay when comparing Live recording to real-time actions. Though the device isn't perfect, it fit my needs / criteria.
Andrew K. - 06 February 2017
Burglars arrested thanks to the Welcome security camera
Must-have gadget
I thought I made a mistake that I bought this since in the beginning it poorly recognized our faces but eventually it improved: it's pretty accurate in doing so to about 99 percent of the time. Pretty impressive! It's fun to have it now. It's my one of those must-have gadgets.
Christian N. - 16 March 2016
Great product, better than expected
Great product. I was skeptical at first but I tried it anyway, and it overall does a good job. It learns people's face and asks you whenever it sees someone new so the more it sees you, the better it gets at it. You can customize the alerts you get. It's also easy to set up, only took a few minutes, and no computer is needed. Netatmo doesn't try to sell its own cloud storage, which is a good plus from my point of view. Instead, you can setup your dropbox account so it uploads videos on you account. Would definitely recommend!
Amazon Customer - 11 July 2017
"Chat saute poigner" video netatmo welcome
Best so far!!
So far this camera has been brilliant. Easy to set up, detects motion very well and is very smart as it tell you whether it is a car animal or person. The best bit about it is that it is subscription free.
Amazon Customer - 09 October 2017
Netatmo Presence Security Footage
Highly recommend, easy to use and setup
Amazon Customer - 30 July 2017
Amazing product with high precision face recognition
Loved the product. Extremely easy to setup . High video quality and face recognition precision. Extremely recommended if you are looking for a user friendly camera with high quality video. Planning to get my second camera soon
Tarek - 12 January 2016
Great for security
I bought the PRESENCE camera after several break-ins occurred in my neighborhood in the last couple of months. As I am often traveling for work, I wanted to know what was happening at home while I was away and have a video proof in case something occurred on my property. So far so good, I’m really satisfied with the PRESENCE camera. The video quality is good, the app is very easy and intuitive… And the big plus for me is that you can choose which smartphone alerts you want to receive. I chose to discard animal and vehicle alerts and only kept the people notifications. Works great!
Adrian - 25 September 2017
Great system really works even when you thousands of miles away.
Dr. Martin T.K. - 17 July 2017
Very slick and effective. The images and video recordings are crystal clear. It's very easy to scroll down through the timeline of events to see what triggered an alert. You can also access the live stream to see what’s happening in real-time… Perfect product! You will not regret your purchase!
JFR - 28 September 2017
72 Hours NETATMO PRESENCE Timelapse
Great Outside Light/ CCTV
Netatmo Presence. After waiting over a year for this camera - first heard about it on BBC Click Program - It finally came available for delivery this month. First impressions are, not disappointed in the long wait. Easy to fit to the wall although old existing light was a bit of a rusted pain to get off. Also had to fit it to the wall direct as no junction box available. We have Harling walls and they are not the easiest to work with, but as said, instructions easy to follow and unit fitted neatly (have a look at the installation video on Netatmo site, makes life easier) . I like the ease with which it set up. The zones are good as I can have it only reporting movement on my property even although camera sees beyond. The other good feature is it can ignore or record cars and animals. Its up to you what you want to monitor. Unit has Micro-SD card internal storage. Easy to link to Dropbox account. Recommend - Yes
Amazon Customer - 04 December 2016
KeylessGo Trick
The Netatmo Welcome is great. I've had it for 2 weeks now and …
I've been waiting for a manufacturer to offer a security camera without an over-priced subscription model and troubling data lock-ins. The Netatmo Welcome is great. I've had it for 2 weeks now and it performs incredibly well, was simple to set up, and has an excellent app. (First product I've ever bothered to review - but well deserving of recommendation.)
Adrian - 12 July 2016
Netatmo Presence night pet recognition
Netatmo Critters caught on camera!
Definitely worth it
t took awhile for the face recognition to really work but it is worth the effort to 'train' it. I have tried a few different home security camera and this is the best I have used. Once you get it trained to recognise faces the number of alerts are kept to a minimum. Setting up on the home network took almost no effort. The iPhone app is well designed and easy to use. The unit is also smaller than it looks.
Martinot - 12 July 2016
Easy to fit and no subscription
Bought 2 of these are an very impressed so far. Easy to setup, very few dropouts and accurate motion detection/alerts. Ability to backup to Dropbox with zero added subscription fee makes this product a much more viable long term solution vs nest or Arlo. HomeKit integration would be nice to see in the future.
Amazon Customer - 09 January 2017
Best camera out there! I own an arlo and ring camera system. I'd rank them Netatmo, ring then arlo.
Snake_eyes - 28 January 2017
Brilliant security
Amazon Customer - 25 February 2017
Truly must be the best product I have bought on Amazon
Truly must be the best product I have bought on Amazon. Electrician installed it is great knowing how safe you can feel.
Charles - 22 June 2017
Camera is amazing and helps me ensure the safety of my house when I am away on travel. Also ensures the cleaning services are completed as well. First week I got it I found the cleaner not doing his job but just looking around the house. It completely gave my wife peace of mind that no one was in the house, with the ability to check the house live on camera.
Amazon Customer - 16 April 2017
After much delibarating I decided to go with this system. Installed this a few days ago and it's a very good. Great picture quality and facial recognition works well and improving all the time. I bought this with a set of 'Tags'. Which work brilliantly together. Notifications work well too. Would recommend.
Jimbo - 18 October 2016
Love the ease of setup and the notifications in the app.
Scott - 03 December 2016
Worth the money
Great home security camera. Very easy and quick to setup and install myself, it really is incredibly simple. I’m impressed by how far it can actually detect people, cars and animals. I can now monitor my front yard 24/7!!!
Hortense B. - 27 September 2017
Good quality images, nice bright led lamps, easy to use.
Stuart E. - 30 December 2016
Brilliant product. You get what you pay for!
Amazon Customer - 01 March 2017
Great product for peace of mind and lots of fun
This is a fantastic gadget that is really simple to use and lets you keep an eye on whats going on at home via your smartphone. The camera can be programmed to recognise the faces of your kids, wife and friends as they come to your home. Placed inside the door, you can take video or still picture of whoever is arriving at the door. If it sees the post man, or amazon delivery guy, it will take a picture and alert you that someone opened the door and this person is at the front door. Pretty cool. However the really fun part is that I can keep an eye on our cats while we are at work. When the camera senses movement, or when you tell it to, it will show you on the screen. Great to see what the sneaky little things are up to while I am not there!
Warren - 31 October 2017
Very satisfied with this product
I bought 2 Presence cameras to monitor my front porch and back yard. The installation was pretty easy and took me about 30 minutes per camera. I am really impressed with the imaging, especially at night. The person, car and animal detection feature works great and is really accurate. I discovered the incredible wildlife activity in my garden! The app is very good and easy to use.
Suzanne73 - 26 September 2017
Amazing piece of kit
Amazing piece of kit, much more than just a camera, reacts to sound such as alarm going off and alerts you, which was a bonus for me as my alarm is no longer monitored. More than anything, gives enormous peace of mind that everything is OK at home while you are away.
Amazon Customer - 30 December 2016
Best Smart Security Cameras? Netatmo Welcome + Presence | Review
Pick of the bunch and worth the price!
Despite having quite an awkward fixing bracket once it was installed we were really impressed with this product. Easy to set up the features and quality of the camera and lighting are the best we have used.
Jake M. - 22 October 2017
This is the simply the best home camera as of Jan 2017: - very easy to set up - beautiful and discreet design, most people do not realise it is a camera - great image quality - it does not store videos in the cloud, which is very important for privacy - no pricey subscription is required, everything you need is in the box - for additional security, you can store your data on FTP server (eg NAS) instead of the included SD card, or in Dropbox (still better than a 'native' cloud) - the app works wonders, the camera does a really good job of recognising faces and can be finely tuned to record videos of and to alert you of only those people that you need - eg you get notified of your kids coming phone, you get notified of and a video of your nanny coming in, and you get neither for your wife. This removes the necessity to view hours of empty footage or annoying 'motion detected' alerts, and you get a complete and clear picture of what is happening in your home. Bottom line - the excellent face recognition and the lack of any subscription are pretty unique and make this camera a very good value compared to Nest Cam, Logi Circle, Canary etc.
Alexey S. - 17 January 2017
Very pleased overall best of its type on market very easy to set up and reliable in use.
P.A. Newton - 11 January 2017
Love the design
I love the design! It blends in nicely with where I have it setup & people don't even know it is a security camera. The picture quality is good & I like that I can save videos from the app to my phone. Sometimes watching videos may take a few seconds to load before they start to play but it may just be my wifi. I actually like to use watch on my desktop from the netatmo website while I'm at work & it will allow me to download videos right to my computer.The face recognition is very cool & getting alerts of when each of my family members are home I find very useful.
Marcella M. - 28 July 2015
Excellent product
Great product, excellent camera and nice looking modern light fitting. Value you for money, I would highly recommend, easy to install.
Christian S.C. - 28 January 2017
Excellent build quality. Works with Dropbox and local ftp server.
Happyusea98001 - 19 April 2017
I wanted to secure my home with an outdoor cam and decided to go for the Netatmo as I was impressed by their other products. I bought the weather station and wind gauge a couple of years ago and they’re both brilliant. I am not disappointed with their camera either! The image quality is awesome. I also really like that the product integrates a floodlight which switches on at night when it detects a person. The Alert-zones feature is also extremely useful as it enables to select areas in which you want to be notified to your smartphone if a person / car / animal is detected. Well done Netatmo!
Mathias T. - 28 September 2017
Excellent Home Security Camera
For the money I think this is an excellent product. I currently use Canary and Nest Security and this is much neater than the Canary product. Very easy to set up and the face recognition works well. Connected to my home network (Linksys router) very well and seems to maintain a steady connection. I know it's personal taste but I think it looks pretty classy and I am happy to have it on a shelf in my house. Overall a nice quality camera that would be very high on my list of choices when looking at Wireless home security.
Chris - 24 October 2017
Expensive but great light/camera. Easy to install. Perfect outdoor sensor light replacement. Good monitoring performance (alerts not too often but catches what's needed). IOS app is good - and you can upload videos to Dropbox. Needs good wifi signal, especially for set up. Next generation could benefit from ac wireless (and RTSP streaming but most people won't need or care about that).
Mr W. Foster - 15 March 2017
Excellent camera, a little trigger happy
Powerful camera. Blends well into the surrounding environment. Doesn't like seeing washing moving up the top of the garden and can often trigger movement because of that. Its definitely worth owning to keep parts of the house more secure. linked to Dropbox it uploads images quickly for a permanent record of what caused the trigger.
Simon - 21 September 2017
It works!
Very easy to set up and use, unlike other similar web-based security cameras. I had this up and running within five minutes and it really works, even in the dark. You can set different parameters and identify regular faces and even your pets. I’m very impressed with the camera’s capabilities and the ease with which it can be used.
Setter M. - 26 October 2017
Works great, and you can have it save the video to your PC via FTP server freeware.
Works great. I like that I can set it to turn the light on only when it recognizes a person or car via the IR vision. Recognition accuracy is excellent. Video quality is good. It is also very cool that you can set up an FTP server application on your PC (FileZilla Server in my case) and have the video stored to your local PC rather than paying a monthly service fee. Score one for NETATMO. The appearance is obviously rather modern, and definitely is out of place on my Texas brick luxo-pad unfortunately. However as some indicated, there is normally about a 10-15 second delay before presence indication is received on the phone app.
Kriss - 08 April 2017
Good camera
Ai facial recognition is mostly accurate Requires a decent broadband upload speed
A Buyer - 28 July 2017
La caméra de sécurité Netatmo permet l’arrestation de cambrioleurs
User Friendly, Versatile Security Camera
Excellent camera - really easy to set up, and is unobtrusive and easily secreted into bookcase or hidey hole. The facial recognition feature is a real bonus, and I am very impressed with the quality and reliability of the device. It can also detect alarms going off too, which is yet another handy aspect of the device's security arsenal. Not too expensive, either - this is a very useful security camera.
Og O. - 29 October 2017
Netatmo Presence Test Security Footage Day/IR-light Cat/Fox/Marten/Snowfall
Excellent product. Easy to install. Looks good and works well. No problems so far after two months.
Andrew S. - 28 January 2017
After much delibarating I decided to go with this system. Installed this a few days ago and it's a very good. Great picture quality and facial recognition works well and improving all the time. I bought this with a set of 'Tags'. Which work brilliantly together. Notifications work well too. Would recommend.
Jimbo - 18 October 2016
La caméra Welcome de Netatmo
Get it
Perfect! You get dedicated alerts that 8/10 are correct (fog and weird reflections can trigger the other 2/10) Installation is for a keen DIYer, Overall I'm very happy. Brilliant A.I., bright flood light, app response and friendly user interface. Highly recommended
Zissis - 02 January 2017
Great camera.. Negative reviews must be for older firmware.
Excellent camera. New update allows you to upload straight to Dropbox. Very clear night vision and day vision. Easy and quick to setup. Facial recognition is very good and allows you to be notified and recorded when needed. Ifttt also allows for cool features like a screenshot of unknown person straight to your email which at one point was almost instant.
G. - 25 November 2016
The main reason I went with Netatmo is because there are no monthly fees for me to go back and watch videos of anything that may be happening at my home. I also wanted to try their face recognition technology, which I have not seen from any other cameras when I was doing my research. It's a great feature! I can adjust the setting to turn off notifications based on when it sees me and then the will turn on when I leave. For the price and no monthly fees I'm very happy with this purchase.
Fernando M. - 04 September 2015
Netatmo Presence Records Hailstorm
Really good for keeping an eye on my garden and home when I'm out and about. Very clever how it can tell the difference from pets, cars and people. The flood light is also great extra and it looks great. I did contact Netatmo due to poor picture quality and they responded the next day and explained about the signal strength. (very quick customer service) The only down side is the wifi signal must be very strong to get the a good picture on the camera. I got around this by instilling a wifi range extender.
Kevin - 24 October 2017
Goodbye Nest!
I decided to swap my Nest Cam for the Netatmo Presence after it was recommended to me by a friend. I was very happy with my Nest but I was tired of the pricy monthly subscription which the Netatmo camera doesn’t have. The Netatmo camera is a little more expensive but the video storage is entirely free, which is such an advantage compared to most security cameras… All the videos are stored on the included SD card. I also chose to back them up to my Dropbox just in case. It works perfectly. This is a great product, I highly recommend it!
Martinot - 21 September 2017
Talk about a great addition to the smart home. This camera offers what others don't (yet) which is face detection. I have this setup in my home to turn the lights red when an unknown face is detected. The options are limitless as this supports IFTTT.
Justin H. - 22 March 2016
Quality product, easy to setup and use
Only had this camera 2 days but very impressed so far. Having used indoor cameras and cheaper outdoor cameras, this has been really refreshing so far. My internal cameras suffered from glass reflection and limited software control which meant I got too many false alarms due to trees blowing in the wind or the sun going behind a such trouble with this camera, and its ability to detect pets people and cars is useful. Living in a house with no cat flap, this camera alerts me when my moggies come back from their rambles so I can let them in and it also detected the postman. Image quality is spot on too, as is the floodlight. Installation and connection to drop box was also very straight forward and the handling of recordings make it a simple task to see what's happening at home and download if needed. Only thing that can really let this down is if it becomes unreliable. It looks sturdy enough and able to take on the elements, so touch wood it keeps running for a few years and gives full value for money. It's not the cheapest camera, but so far well worth the extra spend.
Ubersmiter - 15 December 2016
Brilliant purchase. Looks great works well and easy to set up!
Mr P. Heselton - 13 February 2017
Best Home Security Camera - Netatmo Welcome Home with Face Recognition #netatmo
Really pleased with the light/cam
Really pleased with the light/cam. Fairly easy to install, although it helps to have someone assist in holding it up while you attach it to the wall. Set up worked a treat, and I have it saving to my NAS. So far, no false alarms - it picks up only the movement you would expect.
W. Fulton - 27 January 2017
Exactly what I wanted
Easy to install and works brilliantly. Upload to FTP and Dropbox at the same time, along with realtime or recorded access directly from the mobile device.
Dan - 19 April 2017
Netatmo Presense Outdoor Security Camera With People, Car & Animal Detection