Dummy CCTV cameras: clever home security hack or totally ineffective?

Dummy home security cameras can be a tempting option: you’d be creating the appearance of a high-tech home security system without actually spending all that money on the latest home security accessories. If fake security cameras can effectively put off potential intruders, they’re the most price-friendly home security option out there. But, what happens if there is a break-in at your home and your only defence is a couple of dummy home security accessories?

Fake security cameras: the illusion of fully functioning home security accessories

Dummy security accessories mimic the real thing, creating the illusion of a full-on home security system.

What’s more, manufacturers producing fake home security accessories go all out to make them as convincing as possible. They’ll mimic the classic dome shape of real home security cameras in a dummy product, as well as adding additional dummy features like flashing LED lights.

These flashing LEDs mimic real security cameras’ video recording or night vision features, helping to convince potential intruders that they’ll be caught on camera if they target your home.

Some dummy home security cameras also include motion detection sensors to make them more convincing. These motion sensors mean they’ll swivel into action if someone triggers the sensors by entering your property. This added dummy feature creates the impression that your fake security accessories are actually responding to whatever’s going on in and around your home.

Even motorised dummy security cameras are still a cheap option, as you’ll just need to keep the batteries charged to ensure they swivel into action when needed. Or, go one better with more environmentally friendly, solar powered fake security cameras.

If you place your dummy cameras outside your home, they might just be enough to fool potential burglars into steering clear of your property. To enhance the deterrent effect of a fake home security product, you could combine the dummy kit with convincing-looking home security stickers that advertise the fact that you’ve got CCTV cameras or security alarms up and running around your home.

You’ll need to be smart about that, though: don’t use stickers from a real home security company, as if you’ve only got dummy accessories installed rather than any of their actual products, you could run into legal issues. At the same time, you won’t want your security stickers to look too budget, otherwise the high-tech illusion you’re creating with your dummy security system will be shattered.

Dummy dome security cameras are one of the most convincing fake home security options out there. If you can’t afford authentic home security products just yet, why not install a dummy option to deter potential intruders? Go for dummy accessories with added LED lights that mimic real security cameras’ night vision, motion detection and video recording functions. Then, place them in strategic outdoor positions around your home. But remember, fake home security accessories can’t guarantee any real protection for your home.

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Dummy CCTV cameras: what happens if potential thieves see through your fake home security hack?

Of course, real home security accessories will always provide far more reliable protection for your home. If possible, it’s always advisable to invest in authentic home security products to protect your property and its contents.

Dummy security cameras have several major disadvantages:

If potential intruders realise they’re fake home security products, they’ll know your home is actually totally unprotected

So, you’ve set up your dummy home security accessories with all the fake security cameras, added flashing LED lights, solar-powered motion detection functions and convincing dummy security stickers you can.

These fake accessories may well hold up as an effective deterrent for potential intruders, keeping your home safe at a very low price.

But, what happens if an intruder sees through the fake home security smokescreen?

They’ll know right away that nothing will stop them heading right on into your home – no security alarms, no CCTV cameras… no functioning home security accessories at all.

For experienced thieves who know how to recognise fake home security set-ups, dummy accessories are basically an open invitation to break in.

If an intruder does break into your home, you won’t receive any kind of security alert from your dummy accessories

Say an intruder realises your security accessories are fake, or tries their luck anyway. Your dummy security accessories won’t alert you to the fact that there’s been an incident at your home, so you won’t be able to take steps to respond.

Install real security accessories and you’ll have this option of taking action quickly and effectively. For example, GSM home security alarms send you an SMS message if there’s a security incident on your property.

Take a look at smart wireless home security options, too. Via connected apps downloaded to your portable smart devices, many of the latest wireless home security systems give you reliable real-time alerts about your home security.

Fake home security accessories leave you with no grounds for claiming insurance cover

If someone breaks into your home and you want to file a claim on your home insurance policy, dummy security cameras – or other fake home security accessories – won’t count as you having installed effective protection for your home against the possibility of a break-in.

So, your home insurance provider is likely to refuse to compensate you. Plus, make sure you read the small print when you take out a home insurance policy. Many providers will require you to have some security accessories installed in your home, in order for your insurance cover to be effective. If that’s the case, a fake security camera, or any other kind of fake home security kit, won’t make the cut.

Plus, a dummy security camera obviously won’t have recorded any footage of the break-in. This could be vital evidence for supporting your home insurance claim and is particularly important if the thief managed to make it into your home without actually forcing entry, for example through a door or window that was left ajar.

So, why not browse fully functional home security accessories? You might be surprised at how affordable basic security alarms are – remember, one genuine home security product will be more effective on balance than a whole set of dummy accessories.