What are thermal insulated curtains?

Thermal insulated curtains, also known as blackout curtains, are often used to optimise the levels of heat in any room of your home in which you choose to install these types of curtains. Due to the specific insulated fabric, these curtains help less heat to escape from your home windows, increasing energy efficiency. Plus, thermal insulated curtains do provide a decent level of protection from noise pollution, creating a peaceful atmosphere within your home. So, how should you choose the right thermal insulated curtains for you, bearing in mind blackout levels, types of insulated fabric, energy efficiency and price?

How do thermal insulated curtains work?

Thermal insulated curtains use specialist insulated fabric to keep heat within your home, helping to up your levels of energy efficiency. Thermal insulated curtains also prevent cold from seeping into your home via its windows. What’s more, thermal insulated curtains’ thick fabric provides protection from noise pollution from outside the home.

You can also count on your insulated blackout curtains to prevent light from entering the home - this is especially useful if you’re looking to install these curtains in a bedroom. What you might not know about thermal insulated curtains is that they’re also effective at preventing outside heat from entering your home through your windows.

This means your curtains will help to keep your home cool and comfortable in summer, too, rather than only keeping those heat levels pleasant in winter! This adds to their ability to increase your home energy efficiency, as you won't need to turn on your air conditioning so often to counteract the sun’s heat coming in through your windows.

What are the advantages of thermal insulated curtains?

Thermal insulating curtains - or blackout curtains - bring you four major advantages thanks to their high quality insulated fabric: improved thermal insulation at a low price, elimination of the “cold wall” effect for better heat levels in the home, improved comfort during periods of summer heat and, finally, great levels of thermal, noise and light insulation.

Improved thermal insulation at a low price

Thermal insulated curtains improve your home insulation by providing an insulated fabric panel over any window or door in your home. These are areas where heat leaks often occur, especially if you have a large feature window within a room.

Of course, the added insulated layer that thermal insulated curtains can provide does depend on the original thermal performance and energy efficiency of the window itself.

If you only have single glazing, the thermal insulated curtains will make a larger difference to the heat leak levels, thermal comfort and energy efficiency of the window. If the window is already well insulated with double or triple glazing, the thermal insulated curtains will have a less marked, although still beneficial, effect.

You can improve this energy efficiency by ensuring you have double, or even triple, glazing on the window. However, installing thermal insulated curtains is definitely the lower price option for a better insulated window!

No more “cold wall” effect, leading to better thermal comfort

The temperature difference between the cold outside in winter and the heat inside the home creates an effect on windows in the home called a “cold wall” effect. This is intensified if the window only has single glazing.

This “cold wall” window effect significantly affects levels of thermal comfort within any room in the home. Your best option is to install thermal insulated or blackout curtains in order to limit this “cold wall” effect and reduce heat leaks via windows and doors.

Improved comfort in the summer heat

Thermal insulated curtains aren’t just useful in the cold - they’re a great asset in the heat, too! In summer, your blackout curtains will help to keep the sun’s heat at bay and maintain comfortable levels of heat within your home.

This will enable you to optimise your home energy efficiency during the summer heat, too, as the insulated fabric of your blackout curtains will ensure you need to use your air conditioning less.

Thermal, noise and light insulation

These insulated curtains provide great levels of blockage for heat leaks, noise pollution and light pollution thanks to the fabric’s blackout qualities. Plus, the thick fabric of thermal insulated curtains is useful for adding a sense of privacy to your home.

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Choosing the right thermal insulated curtains

You can install your thermal insulated curtains wherever you need them, within any room in your home: in front of doors, a bay window, a sliding glass door, a regular window, and so on.

Essentially, thermal insulated or blackout curtains are a great option for installing wherever there might be heat leaks through a door or a window.

There are a range of thermal insulated curtains out there to suit every budget, varying mostly in fabric type, price and energy efficiency potential.

In terms of fabric, PET and PVC thermal insulated curtains carry the lowest price, while wool curtains have a higher price (yet are more aesthetic and ecological).

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What’s the price of thermal insulated curtains?

The price of thermal insulated curtains varies based on a few key factors:

  • The insulated fabric used for the curtains
  • Size and dimensions of the curtains (depending on the size of the door or window to be insulated)
  • The brand of the thermal insulated curtains

PET or PV thermal insulated curtains carry the lowest price, whereas wool fabric curtains carry a higher price (but are a more ecological option).

Thermal insulated curtains are a great option to reduce heat leaks via doors and windows in your home. Increase thermal comfort, reduce noise and light pollution and increase privacy in your home with blackout curtains.