Smart doorbells: is a video doorbell the best way to protect your home?

Have you heard of smart video doorbells? You could set up your home with a high-tech security doorbell including an integrated security camera, motion detection technology and – of course – a musical chime.

Smart doorbells: the best of new home security technology

We all know the drill with regular home doorbells. Whoever’s outside your home rings the doorbell and the chime sounds throughout your home. Then, you’d open up the door of your home without really having any idea who was outside the door – or what they were really doing at your home.

Developments in doorbell technology have increased the levels of home security that your doorbell system can offer. The intercom doorbell system came about, which enabled you to say a quick ‘hello’ to the person outside the door. Plus, you could figure out if you knew them or not and what they were doing at your home.

The latest doorbell technology offers still more security for your home. The latest smart doorbell models include the following additional security features:

  • Motion detection
    Many smart doorbells include motion detection sensors to help alert you to a presence outside the door of your home. So, you’ll know that there’s someone there potentially even before they sound the smart doorbell chime.

  • Facial recognition
    The best smart doorbell models will also include infrared night vision technology, meaning you can use facial recognition as a feature of your home security system around the clock.

  • Smart WiFi connection
    Smart video doorbells will often use a WiFi connection to keep you updated about developments in your home security. Download the relevant apps onto your chosen smart devices and you’ll be able to receive remote notifications from your smart doorbell, even while you’re away from home. Sound interesting? More on this later!

  • Remote control panel
    The remote control panel is your home security control hub within your home. From there, you’ll be able to decide whether you want to open up the door of your home, based on the security camera, motion detection and facial recognition information you have. Or, if you’ve chosen the latest smart technology, you may be able to control your smart video doorbell from an app on your connected smart devices.

  • Smart app and smart notifications
    Your smart home security system will often use a specific app that you can download onto your chosen smart devices, to keep you updated about your home security status. View these smart app notifications from wherever you are, any time of day or night.

  • Integrated cam
    Smart video doorbells will contain a subtle, integrated camera. This enables you to view and record live security footage straight from your home’s doorstep.

  • Live security footage from camera
    This is the best way to ensure you can keep track of who’s outside your home and whether they pose an issue for your home security. Your smart app can stream the live footage from your smart doorbell’s integrated cam, letting you know exactly what’s going on just outside your home.

  • Classic doorbell chime
    Of course, you’ll still be able to keep that classic doorbell ring! With some smart doorbell systems, you can even transfer your existing doorbell chime over to the new, smart home security system.

Smart doorbells with an integrated security camera

An integrated security cam will give you the best possible way of seeing whether someone is an issue for your home security.

View live security camera footage or record security footage that could provide vital evidence for a criminal case or home insurance claim.

Smart doorbells with added flexibility for you and your family

Keep your home secure whenever, wherever.

Apps on your smart devices mean you can operate your smart doorbell throughout your home, or interact with your home security system even while you’re away from the home.

Smart doorbells with motion detection technology

Including motion detection technology is one of the best ways to effectively increase your home security.

Your smart doorbell motion detection feature will let you know that there’s someone outside the door of your home, even if they’re attempting to go unnoticed.

If your smart video doorbell’s motion detection function is triggered, you’ll get a notification via an app on your smart devices. Then, you could view the security camera footage – potentially with included facial recognition technology – to see who’s outside your home.

If they’re an intruder, you can deter them from attempting to enter your home by speaking through the video doorbell intercom. Or, remotely trigger your home security alarm via your home’s smart system, to act as an even more effective deterrent.

Combine motion detection with infrared night vision technology and you’ll have a foolproof way to protect your home, even during the night.

Smart doorbells: what’s the best way to go about installing this home security device?

Handily, the best smart doorbells are designed to be as easy to install as they are to use!

You’ll need to install the outside component of your new smart video doorbell right where your existing chime doorbell is. This is the part of the home security device that contains the intercom microphone and the security camera.

Remember, you can even keep your original doorbell chime if you’d like to.

Then, install the smart video doorbell internal control panel inside your home, in an easily accessible location such as the hallway. Make sure the video doorbell device is connected up to your home WiFi, if you’ve gone for a smart home security system.

Then, you just need to manage the smart video doorbell via the internal control panel, or via an app downloaded onto your smart devices.

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