Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo

Connection module for electric radiator

Logo partners Airelec, Applimo, Campa and Noirot
Logo partners Airelec, Applimo, Campa and Noirot

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Muller Group and Netatmo have joined forces to develop Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo, a smart solution for electric heating that is now available in France.

Smart heating

Smart self-learning heaters regulate the temperature automatically, increasing your comfort and lowering your energy consumption. Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo synchronizes heaters of a same room and analyses your home environment to plan heating times, so that it only turns on when needed.

smart heating

Room-by-room temperature

Multi-zone heating control guarantees optimal comfort throughout your home. You can set different temperature per room in your schedule or manually select the temperature.

voice control

Voice control

Manage your heating by giving simple voice commands to your voice assistant. All you have to say is, “Set the temperature in the kitchen to 22°C”, and your wish will be your voice assistant's command.

Mobile device
Application Muller Intuitiv

Remote control

Use the App to set the temperature from anywhere, at any time. Finish work early? Open the App and switch on the heating so that your home will be warm and cosy when you arrive.

Energy monitoring

You can use the App to track energy consumption for each room in KWh – all the information you need to maximize your energy efficiency is at your fingertips.

Mobile device
Application Muller Intuitiv on Consumption page
Bellagio module

Easy installation

The plug-and-play installation couldn’t be easier. Just insert the smart modules into your heaters and download the App. It’s that simple!

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