Installation guide for the Smart Door Lock and Keys

Easy to install yourself

Installing the Smart Door Lock is simple. There’s no need to dismantle your current door lock. Just replace a single screw, and you’re all set.​

The 3 keys supplied with the Door Lock can already lock and unlock your Door Lock.

5 minutes

Installing the Smart Door Lock and Keys

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is a type of euro cylinder. It is compatible with doors that are already fitted with a euro cylinder and that are up to 100 mm thick (50 mm interior, 50 mm exterior). All you need to do is replace the existing cylinder with the Netatmo Smart Door Lock.
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Managing the Smart Keys​

Easily manage your Smart Keys using the Home + Security app.
Add as many Keys as you need and instantly remove a lost or stolen Key.​
Buy extra Keys​

Up to 300 Keys per Door Lock

You can have up to 300 Keys for your Smart Door Lock.
In addition, a single Key can lock and unlock up to 80 Smart Locks.

To add a new key, you must insert the Property Card to validate it.

The Property Card: keep it in a safe place

The Property Card is the only Key that can access your Smart Door Lock’s advanced settings, which allow you to add a new Key or reset the product, for example. It also contains your Apple Home setup code.

Please keep the Property Card in a safe place. Each Smart Door Lock is uniquely protected. If you lose the Property Card, no one, not even Netatmo, will be able to access the Smart Door Lock's settings.

A Door Lock protected by the most reliable cryptographic methods

  • Protected and certified NFC

    The Smart Keys work using certified and protected NFC technology to provide the highest level of security.
    Only the unique Secure Element built into each Smart Door Lock can validate the actions of unlocking, locking and adding a new key.
  • Secure Bluetooth Low Energy

    The Smart Door Lock is designed to withstand both physical and digital attacks.
    It can also be unlocked using a smartphone near the door through a fully encrypted Secure Bluetooth Low Energy communication protocol.

You'll never get locked out

The Smart Door Lock uses 4x AAA batteries, with over a year’s battery life.
You will receive a smartphone notification when you need to change the batteries.
Even if the Door Lock has completely run out of battery, you will still have access to a backup micro-USB port to reactivate your Door Lock using a power source such as an external battery or laptop.

The Door Lock can be easily adjusted to suit the thickness of your door

  • Adjust the length of the exterior cylinder

    For the exterior side, the length of the cylinder can be increased from 30 mm to 50 mm using an Extension Kit.

    Included in the pack: 35 mm, 40 mm
    Sold separately: 45 mm, 50 mm
  • Adjust the length of the interior cylinder

    For the interior side, the length of the cylinder can be increased from 30 mm to 50 mm on the Smart Door Lock.

For thicker doors, additional Extension Kits are available

  • Extension Kit (50 mm)

  • Extension Kit (45 mm)


Pack contents

  1. 1 Smart Door Lock
  2. 3 Smart Keys
  3. 1 Property Card (for managing the Smart Keys and resetting to factory settings)
  4. 4 1.5V AAA batteries
  5. 1 tool for measuring the thickness of the door
  6. 1 35 mm Extension Kit
  7. 1 40 mm Extension Kit
  8. 1 M5-60 screw
  9. 1 2.5 mm Allen key
  10. 1 user guide

Installation guide for the Smart Door Lock and Keys


Is the Smart Door Lock compatible with my front door?

The Netatmo Smart Door Lock is compatible with doors that are equipped with a euro cylinder. It can be installed on most doors with a maximum thickness of 10 cm (installation of an extension kit may be required, sold separately). It is compatible with doors fitted with both monopoint and multipoint locks. Doors fitted with lift-up handles are also compatible.

Check if your door is compatible:

What should I do if the batteries run out?

The Smart Door Lock is equipped with 4x AAA batteries that last over one year, which is much longer than most smart door locks on the market today. This ensures a stress-free everyday life. It’s forward-thinking, alerting you on your smartphone when the battery is low. And even if the battery is dead, you will still have access to a back-up micro USB port to reactivate your Door Lock using a power source such as an external battery or laptop.

Will the Smart Door Lock affect my house insurance?

Insurance companies generally offer cover against burglary, provided that the residents of the home take all the necessary steps to minimise the risk of break-ins.
Each insurance company may also have its own criteria for which security equipment the policyholder must install, ranging from the type of door and locks used, to the installation of an alarm system or surveillance cameras.

Rather than a complete lock mechanism, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock is an electronic cylinder made from high-strength stainless steel that fits into an existing door lock. This cylinder, designed by Netatmo, meets the strictest requirements in terms of physical and electronic security and burglary resistance, in accordance with European standard EN15684.
The cylinder is reinforced with an anti-drilling plate and 3 safety pins, making it highly resilient against physical attacks such as drilling, cutting, pulling and forced entry. Its design also makes it impossible to pick.

However, the determining factor for house insurance is typically related to your door’s level of resistance and its locking mechanism (security door, single or multipoint lock: 3 points, 5 points, etc.)
Insurance companies often require, as a minimum, a three-point lock. In certain areas with high burglary rates, the number of lock points required may increase.

The level of protection required by insurers to secure a home depends on a number of factors, such as the type of insurance policy taken out, the value of the furniture and other items to be covered, and the vulnerability of the home to theft.
These requirements will be outlined either in the general conditions of the section of the policy relating to theft coverage, or in the exclusions of the insurance policy. If in doubt, please contact your insurance company to review your cover in detail.

How do you install the Smart Door Lock?

Installing the Smart Door Lock is really easy. Just replace the existing door cylinder (or barrel) by following the instructions in the user guide provided.
Once the Smart Door Lock is installed, download the Home + Security app to complete the installation. The 3 Keys provided with the Door Lock can then lock and unlock your Door Lock. You can buy extra Keys and add up to 300 to your Door Lock. When you receive them, all you have to do is activate them on the Home + Security app.

Can I install the Smart Door Lock outside?

The Smart Door Lock is designed for interior use only. Its indoor handle shouldn’t be exposed to bad weather, so installing it on an outside gate is not recommended.

How can I add new Smart Keys to my Door Lock?

Need a spare key? Don’t worry about the locksmith! Now, you can simply order extra Smart Keys and follow the steps in the Home + Security app:
— Open the app and tap on “Add a new Smart Key”
— Insert the Property Card into the Door Lock to authenticate yourself
— Insert the new Smart Key into the Door Lock to pair it
— And you’re all set!

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