How can a dummy alarm box increase your home security?

Are you looking to protect your home, but you’re being put off alarm and CCTV systems because of their steep price? What if there was a way you could keep your house safe without breaking the bank? A dummy alarm box with a flashing light could be the ideal product to deter a potential burglar from entering, at a very reasonable price. Read on for some useful information on the positive and negative aspects of adding one of these accessories to your security set-up.


What actually is a dummy alarm box?

It’s basically a false security alarm. It looks exactly like a fully functional alarm, but it won’t actually emit any siren sounds. You might want to buy a product like this to incorporate into a low price deterrent system. While it’s always advisable to make sure you have good locks on all your doors and windows, and install actual security devices around your home, a dummy alarm box, fake camera or decoy motion sensor could help to increase your home security.

These boxes can be placed anywhere you’d like to deter a potential intruder. That could be near the front door (an intruder is more likely than you’d think to just enter via the front door, especially if the locks aren’t the best), next to ground floor windows that could provide easy access for burglars, or near your garage door or garden gate. These accessories are designed to deter potential burglars with flashing LED security lights. They may run on battery, solar or mains power. The LED lights make the boxes look like they're primed to emit a loud siren sound if a burglar were to set them off. Upon seeing a flashing light, would-be intruders will hopefully panic and run away.

So, a dummy alarm box is a fake – but it can be an effective fake. You’ll have to make sure that the product you buy works as well as possible. Be sure to position it in full view of any potential intruder who might be looking around your property. Plus, you might want to put up stickers to make it clear you have an alarm in place – just don’t let on that it’s actually a false one!

Security alarm stickers can work as an effective burglar deterrent, persuading burglars not to target your address before they’ve even tried.

Advantages of a dummy alarm box as part of your security set-up

If you’re concerned about your home security (including that of your car or any outbuildings, such as a garden shed), a dummy alarm box could act as an effective burglar deterrent, used along with a good set of locks. There are even kits available to create an entire dummy system for a very low price. A battery or solar powered dummy alarm box could sit alongside a false CCTV camera and a decoy motion sensor to create an impression of a really high-tech set-up.

Of course, installing a fully functional home security system, complete with a siren and wireless capability for remote control, is still always advisable. But potential burglars might well be fooled by a well-installed dummy security set-up with flashing LED lights.

Robbers will prioritise getting in and out of a property quickly and easily: they won’t want to linger in view of passers-by and attract too much attention. So, if a burglar takes a quick glance at your house and sees a convincing dummy alarm box, imitation CCTV camera or fake motion sensor, they might decide not to target your abode. In fact, the security company ADT conducted research that showed that 94% of burglars would actively avoid premises that looked like they had a security alarm or CCTV cameras in place.

So, one of these clever boxes could be the first step towards increasing your security, without going crazy on price.

Disadvantages of a dummy alarm box as part of your security set-up

Of course, if a potential burglar recognises that you’re using a dummy set-up, it could actually encourage them to target your abode or business. So, make sure your system looks as convincing as possible. You might also need to wire a dummy connection to make your decoy look more authentic.

However, experienced burglars are likely to be able to spot dummy systems. They won’t be fooled by even the most convincing of replicas (of course, the same goes for fake CCTV cameras or any other decoy systems). If a burglar does realise you’ve only got a decoy system in place, they may actually be actively encouraged to target your address.

Of course, having only a decoy would also mean you weren’t eligible for insurance cover, if a burglar did steal from you. Many home insurance providers ask you to take certain steps to increase your security to an adequate level. If a burglar does enter your property, your dummy alarm box won’t make a difference.  Your insurance company won’t accept the fact that you had a dummy system as a reason to pay out on your insurance claim. Aside from the fact that dummy alarm boxes (or fake CCTV camera) won’t protect you from a potential burglar in the same way that genuine security kits would, a dummy set-up will also leave you vulnerable to other threats.

For example, because it has no bell, siren or wireless capability, a dummy fire alarm won’t give you or the emergency services any warning if a fire does break out. So these kits won’t allow you to control what’s going on at your property. In terms of a short-term, low price solution, a dummy alarm box could increase your security, as long as it looks like it’s the real deal. But, for a reliable solution, it’s worth investing in a fully functional security alarm, as well as cameras and motion sensors.

If you’re watching the price of your set-up, there are other pocket-friendly products out there. Technical security systems, such as CCTV cameras and alarms, can be expensive. Of course, price is a very valid concern, but your security always has to remain a priority. More traditional, physical security measures can be very effective in protecting your house or apartment: strong window bars, good quality locks on your doors and strong, reliable garden and garage doors.