Alarm stickers: can putting security system signs in your garden prevent break-ins?

Alarm stickers let potential intruders know that you have a security system up and running in your home. Whether your security system includes CCTV or not, alarm stickers can act as powerful deterrent to protect your home and household items from potential burglars. These simple stickers are a warning to would-be thieves that they’re likely to set off an alarm if they try to break into your home. Simply place the stickers in clear view, on the windows or doors of your home, for example. They’ll let intruders know you have a security system in place.

What exactly is an alarm sticker?

Alarm stickers are bold, simple adhesive signs that you can easily affix to your home.

Place them in locations on your property that are within easy view from the street, and they can act as a deterrent to burglars.

They usually have a simplified image representing a security system, along with a warning message to potential intruders. For example, the sticker might say that your home is under constant CCTV security, or that you have an alarm system running.

Your home security company might offer you alarm stickers after they’ve installed your home’s new system. Take them up on the offer! Alarm stickers are a simple, effective way to create a warning for potential burglars and help keep your home secure.

Alarm stickers are a sure sign that you have a reliable security system in action, whether it uses CCTV surveillance or alarms. Letting potential intruders know this means they are less likely to target your home.

Burglars are known to operate in teams, using a specific code to let them know which homes to target. If they scout out your home and see alarm stickers in place, it’ll act as a warning: they’ll know to avoid your home and its security system.

Where are the best places to stick your alarm stickers?

One of the most beneficial aspects of alarm stickers is their versatility. You can place the warning stickers wherever you like, really!

It’s just important to make sure that the alarm stickers are in good view from the street and also from closer towards the home.

The following list shows you some strategic locations for your alarm stickers. Affix them here to act as an effective warning to burglars:

  • Front door
  • Windows, especially windows on lower floors
  • Back or side doors
  • Garage doors
  • Letterbox
  • Near the doorbell
  • Close to the front gate
  • Car bumper (if potential burglars are looking to steal your car, a reminder that your garage or drive are in view of CCTV security cameras will act as a warning)

If you use alarm stickers wisely, they could be the cheapest home security option of all! Strategically placed alarm stickers could act as an effective warning for potential burglars, even if you don’t actually have CCTV security in your home. Locate your alarm stickers convincingly and the potential thief might think you have a full security system in place, even if you don’t in reality. Alarm stickers might just do the trick by themselves! Of course, the most secure option for your home will always be to install reliable alarms and CCTV security.

How should you choose your alarm stickers?

Home security companies might offer you alarm stickers to advertise the system you’ve installed with them.

However, it’s also easy to browse alarm stickers on the Internet, so you can find the right combination of security images and warning messages that works for your home.

A couple of tips: make sure the alarm stickers are large and bold enough to be well in view on your property. If they aren’t properly visible, they won’t act as an effective deterrent for burglars.

You should also consider the warning message you want to convey to potential burglars. Your alarm stickers could include images or text that tells potential intruders that:

  • There is a 24-hour security system in place
  • There are CCTV cameras recording your home and its surroundings
  • There is an active alarm system in the home
  • The police are notified if a break-in triggers the alarms

Alarm stickers: a real asset to your home security

Alarm stickers can be a cheap and effective addition to your home security system.

If you do install a home security system, why not put up several alarm stickers to advertise the fact that you have it in place? You’ve taken the time to install your home’s security system, so you may as well make it as obvious a deterrent as possible.

Place a few stickers on your home’s doors and windows (always ensuring that they’re in good view from the street) and you might just deter burglars before your home security system even has to kick in!

As we’ve seen, alarm stickers could also act as a decoy: they could be a deterrent for potential burglars, even if you don’t actually have a security system or CCTV for your home.

However, relying on the fact that alarm stickers can work as an effective burglar deterrent isn’t the safest form of action.

Installing a full security system is the best option to protect your home from burglars. What’s more, footage from a CCTV home security system could provide the vital evidence you’ll need to make an effective insurance claim in the event of a break-in.

So, alarm stickers are undoubtedly an effective deterrent, but, ideally, they should just be an added detail to complement your existing home security system.

You might be considering putting up alarm stickers to act as a deterrent, even if you don’t actually have a home security system set up. If that’s the case for you, you’ll need to be cautious about infringing copyright. If you use branded alarm stickers without actually having that brand’s security products installed in your home, you might get into hot water, legally speaking. To stay on the safe side, you could choose unbranded alarm stickers with strong warning images and text. These will still get the deterrent message across to burglars, without naming any specific security product brand.