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Remote control of your shutters

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Bubendorff, Legrand and Netatmo are collaborating to create iDiamant with Netatmo, a smart solution enabling your Bubendorff radio shutters to be remotely controlled via the Legrand Home + Control App, by a simple tap on the Legrand Master Switch, or using just your voice.

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Control your shutters with your smartphone

From your smartphone, open and close your rolling or hinged shutters room by room with the Home + Control App, wherever you are.

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Set everything in motion, with a tap

Improve your daily comfort with preset and customizable life scenes. When you leave home, a "Departure" scenario can be triggered in the Home + Control App to close all the shutters in your home.
Customize your "Wake-Up/Sleep", "Home/Away" life scenes with simplicity in the App.

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Your shutters adapt to your lifestyle

Set one or several custom schedules to trigger the opening and closing of your shutters at specific times, or according to sunrise and sunset.
For example, simulate your presence in case of departure with a "Holidays" schedule, to be customized easily in the App.

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Quick & easy installation

The solution easily integrates in a new or existing Bubendorff radio shutters 1 installation, without any change required.

Simply plug the gateway in a power outlet of your home 2, and follow the simple steps in the App.

1 The solution is compatible with most Bubendorff radio shutters manufactured from 2011 (see compatibility list on
2 The gateway needs to be plugged in within Wi-Fi range of your router and radio range of your Bubendorff shutters.

Easy install
Voice control

"Hey Siri, close the living room shutters"

Give simple voice commands to Siri to open or close your shutters, without lifting a finger.

Learn more and check compatibility of my shutters on

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Does your company want to co-create a Smart Home solution with Netatmo?

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