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See who's at the door and answer it from anywhere

Always at home, wherever you are

Your Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell lets you see and speak to visitors, even when you're not home.

There’s somebody at the door? See them on your smartphone and talk to them live, whether you’re at home or on the other side of the world. You’re at the office? Give instructions so you don't miss a delivery. And if you’re still getting dressed, compliment your guests on their outfits and let them know you're coming!

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Receive a video call immediately on your smartphone when someone rings your doorbell and choose whether or not to communicate with your visitors.

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Real protection for your home

More than a simple doorbell. The smart person detection feature prevents unnecessary alerts: receive a real-time notification on your smartphone if someone is lurking around your front door.

Is it an intruder? Deter them immediately in complete safety using the built-in speaker.

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Always connected no matter what!

Peace of mind! That's what the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell strives to deliver. Once connected to the power supply, you'll never have to change the batteries.
You can install the Doorbell yourself if you already have a wired doorbell with chime or if it’s the first time you’re installing one.

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Discover the app

View videos of past calls and events in the app on any device. Scroll through the clips and download the ones that interest you.

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Access to all features with no subscription

There are no hidden costs after purchase. All features along with video storage are available without subscription at all times. View videos of people who have rung your bell and anything that has happened on your doorstep directly in the app via your smartphone or tablet.

Local storage of your videos on the included microSD card.

Choose to automatically save your videos in your personal Dropbox or FTP server.

It has never been so simple to see who is outside your home, you just need to speak.

Simply say: “Siri, show me my Doorbell”

Discover the Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

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An exceptional video doorbell, minimalist design

Modern and minimalist design

The compact and elegant Doorbell fits perfectly at the entrance to any home.

Exceptional image quality

The Full HD 1080p camera offers optimum video quality and the HDR function adjusts to sudden changes in lighting so you can clearly see what is happening in front of your home.

Night vision

24-hour protection with infrared night vision so you can always see visitors at your door, even in total darkness.

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Entirely weatherproof

The Doorbell is fully resistant to all weather conditions (rain, snow, humidity, dust and dirt) thanks to HZO technology, a thin-film coating solution. It is also IP44 rated, which guarantees that it is waterproof.

The latest encryption

Your data is protected by an encrypted connection that guarantees the highest level of privacy.


The Smart Video Doorbell was specially designed to replace your existing doorbell button.
If you have a doorbell with a chime, the Smart Doorbell uses the existing wires to power and ring your existing chime. The Smart Video Doorbell won't work with wireless doorbells that are powered by batteries, and to install the Video Doorbell without a chime, you will need to install a Netatmo Plug-In Transformer or In-Wall Transformer. When a visitor rings your doorbell, not only does it ring on your phone, but it can also ring on compatible smart speakers!

The Video Doorbell can't replace an existing intercom or video intercom.

Check compatibility at

To function, the Doorbell circuit requirements are:
Voltage compatibility: from 8 to 24 VAC or 230 VAC
Transformer specification: minimum power 8 VA
The Smart Video Doorbell does not include a chime because it is designed to work with your existing wired chime, whether mechanical or electronic. If your current chime isn't compatible with the Netatmo Doorbell, check the list of compatible chimes on our support page here.
The Smart Video Doorbell was specially designed to replace your existing doorbell and, therefore, it requires an existing wired chime. With this installation, the chime creates a current in the doorbell circuit. When someone presses the button, a switch closes the doorbell circuit, causing electricity to flow through the circuit and activating your chime. Without a chime, when the switch closes the circuit, a short circuit would occur and damage your Smart Video Doorbell. It is possible to install the Video Doorbell without a chime, thanks to the Netatmo Plug-In Transformer or In-Wall Transformer. When a visitor rings your doorbell, not only does it ring on your phone, but it can also ring on compatible smart speakers.
The Smart Video Doorbell is constantly powered by the cables of your existing wired doorbell and so does not need batteries to work. So you don’t have to worry about replacing them.
Yes, the Smart Video Doorbell is designed to be easy to install yourself. However, if you are not comfortable with the idea of touching your electrical installation, you can always call out an electrician to install your Smart Video Doorbell.

If you are looking for an installer, go to the "Find a Pro" page:
The Smart Video Doorbell connects to the internet via your home Wi-Fi network.
The Netatmo Transformers have been specially designed to respect the power supply specifications of the Netatmo Video Doorbell. By using another transformer, you run the risk of damaging your Video Doorbell irreversibly.