What is outdoor heating?

Outdoor heaters are rapidly becoming very popular garden accessories - especially for keeping everyone nice any warm outside through the colder winter months! Outdoor heaters (which are also often referred to as patio heaters) are a great option for installing near a firepit or bbq, so you can make the most of those garden features all year round.

Why should you use outdoor heaters in your garden?

Outdoor heaters, like all garden accessories, come in multiple design options. Stainless steel designs are popular choices for patio heaters, as are infrared heating and electric models. Plus, you’ll come across multiple outdoor heater options featuring protective covers in order to promote everyone’s safety while enjoying outdoor heaters.

You might have come across these outdoor accessories in public establishments, such as bars and restaurants with outdoor terraces or seating areas, as well as in a private home garden or two. Whether you’re out and about or in at home, there’s nothing like warming up next to an outdoor heater to be able to enjoy a terrace, garden or patio space throughout the year.

Given these accessories come in so many shapes and forms, you’ll be sure to find outdoor heaters that perfectly suit your garden, patio and - of course - budget! With various heating methods (including infrared and electric) and a vast array of designs and materials, outdoor heaters will blend seamlessly into your outdoor environment, no matter its size. Then, you’ll be able to enjoy those great patio views, famous weekend bbq events and autumn and winter firepit gatherings for far longer!

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Which outdoor heating setup should I choose?

If you’re thinking about installing outdoor heating in your garden or patio area, there are several key factors to bear in mind. Firstly, the dimension of your outdoor heaters will make a significant difference to how effective they are in heating the chosen outdoor area. The dimensions of outdoor heaters determine the temperature the heating can reach, while also determining how costly the outdoor heaters are and how much energy they’ll consume.

Because of these factors, you’ll need to choose the size of your outdoor heaters based on the area of the garden, patio or bbq area for which you need heating. Secondly, patio heaters come in all kinds of designs, layouts and performance levels, with differing delivery times for some models.

Should I choose portable, wall-mounted or table outdoor heaters?

Aside from the various types of outdoor heating (gas, electric, infrared, and so on), there are multiple types of outdoor heating designs to choose from: portable, wall-mounted and table outdoor heaters.

  • Portable: these outdoor heaters are mostly lightweight, easy to move around and relatively inexpensive. Often, they run on fuel and can be positioned wherever you need them in your patio or garden space.

  • Wall-mounted: these types of outdoor healing are often electric or infrared models. They’re very safe outdoor heating options, usually with the option of directing their heat output specifically towards where people are gathered in the patio or garden space.

  • Table: these outdoor heaters tend to be less powerful than portable or wall-mounted patio heaters. However, they still provide a pleasant level of outdoor heating, dissipating heat to all the people seated around the table within a garden or patio.

Outdoor heating with propane or natural gas

Depending on the design, some outdoor heaters can run on propane or natural gas. Propane outdoor heaters are highly portable, so will be easy to use anywhere you need within your garden and patio.

However, you’ll need to make sure you have a constant supply of propane for certain outdoor heaters. If your heater accessories run on natural gas, then you’ll simply need to connect your outdoor heaters up to the natural gas network your house uses - they’re a more affordable option.

Electric outdoor heating

This type of outdoor heating produces lower emissions, but is less powerful than propane or natural gas patio heaters. Often, you’ll see electric heaters in the form of heating parasol accessories for gardens and patios.

You’ll need a professional to install electric outdoor heaters, as there are certain safety standards that need to be followed. You may need to connect your electric patio heaters up to the mains, making these outdoor heaters far less portable accessories.

Brazier outdoor heating

These outdoor heaters are also known as outdoor fireplaces, as they emit real, rustic flames. While they’re not as powerful as other outdoor heaters, these accessories are all about the aesthetic!

Infrared outdoor heating

These outdoor heaters are the most efficient, effective and advanced outdoor heating accessories. They emit ambient heating via infrared light radiation, available in multiple radiation wave options.

This type of outdoor heating emits low levels of light as well as effective heating, creating a comfortable atmosphere. They’re fast-acting and powerful heating accessories that can be installed wherever you like - ideally a few metres above ground level, suspended over the garden, patio or bbq or firepit area.

How much does outdoor heating cost?

When calculating the costs of these outdoor accessories, we need to take into account several factors.

Outdoor heating purchase price

Electric or gas heating parasols are often the most inexpensive outdoor heating accessories, while the most advanced and efficient infrared outdoor heaters are the most expensive patio heaters.

Outdoor heating usage price

The usage price of your outdoor heating accessories depends entirely on the fuel or power source they use. Propane patio heaters, for example, will be more expensive to fuel than outdoor heaters than run on natural gas straight from the grid network.

Operating costs of your outdoor heating accessories will also depend on their dimensions, as well as the size of the outdoor area you’re heating. Choose the right option for you to enjoy your garden, patio, bbq or firepit all year round!