Netatmo Announces The Shield for the Smart Home Weather Station

Netatmo, the leading French smart home company for a safer and more comfortable home, announced today the launch of the Shelter accessory for the Smart Home Weather Station.

By protecting the Weather Station’s Outdoor Module from bad weather, the shield can improve the accuracy of its readings. It’s easy to install along a wall or post with the accessories provided and protects the Outdoor Module from direct sunlight, rain and snow while allowing air to circulate around it.

Image2 1.jpgThe Outdoor Module of the Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station is durable and moisture resistant. However, to maximise its lifespan and ensure more accurate readings, it’s recommended not to place it in direct sunlight or expose it to particularly bad weather. Depending on where the Outdoor Module user lives or the garden/balcony layout, it can be challenging to find an appropriate place to install the Module. This is no longer a problem with the Shield. Whether it’s sunny, wet or windy, the Outdoor Module measures the temperature accurately.

The Weather Station

Nws Lifestyle 01 Web HD Scaled.jpgCompact, cylindrical and elegantly designed with an aluminium casing (recyclable material), the Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station comprises two modules: one for outside, and one for inside. They measure the temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, air quality and noise pollution levels. The Netatmo Weather Station transfers the data via Wi-Fi to its dedicated app.

The indoor air quality readings allow the user to take action and improve their well-being with simple steps, such as opening the windows when the CO2 levels are too high. The temperature, humidity and noise levels in the home are also provided in real-time.

The Netatmo app, available for free on the App Store, Google Play and Windows Store, allows users to access this information at any time with their smartphone, tablet or computer. The Netatmo app interface is specially designed to be simple, clear and intuitive for daily use.

Netatmo has the largest network of Weather Stations in the world, which monitors the environment in more than 175 countries, available on the Netatmo Weathermap.

When asked by Netatmo, regular Weather Station users expressed interest in a Shield for the Outdoor Module. As a result, this new solution joins the various other accessories that enhance the performance and use of the Weather Station. The Additional Smart Indoor Module records environmental data of the room where it’s installed, the Smart Rain Gauge records the rainfall levels, and the Smart Anemometer measures the wind’s speed and direction.