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You want to provide the healthiest home possible for your family. Netatmo’s Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor shows you how. Whether it's the CO2 levels for avoiding headaches while working from home, the right humidity levels for a child with asthma or the best noise level for sound sleeping.

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Know if your home is healthy or not with a single glance at your smartphone

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The Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor tells you what you need to adjust to create a healthier environment from your baby to your asthmatic child to you.

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4 precise sensors


Know when to turn your humidifier on or off.

Air quality

Reduce indoor pollution by monitoring CO2 levels.


Monitor the sound level to achieve a good night’s sleep.


Make sure the temperature is right for you, day and night.

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Track the changes in your environment to improve your well-being

An hour, a day, a week, a month, a year and more! Access your measurement history and analyse the impact of your actions on the environment. Practice good habits to improve your well-being.

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Why does it matter?


Your comfort depends on your indoor environment. If it is too cold, there is too much humidity, the air pollution or noise levels are too high you can feel uncomfortable. Our Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor tells you what you need to adjust so that you always feel good in your home.


A healthy indoor environment helps you to feel great. Meanwhile, an uncontrolled environment can cause headaches, fatigue, allergies or asthma. Change your habits and live in a healthier home thanks to the Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor, which measures CO2 levels and other pollutants.


A healthy bedroom is key to a good night's sleep. Whether it's the right noise levels for sound sleeping, changes in air quality whilst you sleep or the best temperature for sleeping, our Air Quality Monitor shows you what to do. Check the data history for these parameters to improve your quality of sleep.


Temperature, CO2 levels and noise levels have a direct impact on your productivity and ability to concentrate. Create the perfect working environment in your home, so that you can work, or your teens can do their homework or prepare their exams in good conditions.


Connect several Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor devices to monitor data from all your rooms in one App.

Parent’s bedroom

Keep waking up at night? Our device’s measurements can help you detect what’s disturbing your sleep: low humidity level, indoor air pollution (carbon dioxide)…


Parent’s bedroom

Family room

Baby’s room


Child with asthma room


Easy on the eyes, easy to use

Elegant design

Sleek and elegant, our Air Quality Monitors blend easily with any home’s décor.

Remote access

Just log in using our app and access your home’s indoor climate data from anywhere.

Set up

Easy Wi-Fi set up. No subscription, no fees.

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Smart home

Discovering how healthy your home is has never been easier, just ask or text

Easy to use

With just one tap on the top of the device, the Air Quality Monitor lights up to give you immediate insight into the health of your home.

Easily expandable

Monitor better your home by placing a Smart Indoor Air Quality Monitor device in each room that matters in your family life.