Wireless Switch

Switches are essential accessories in a home's electrical installation for switching the lighting on and off, as well as any electrical devices connected to a power outlet that a switch controls. Nevertheless, these switches aren't always properly positioned: they're sometimes behind furniture, there isn't one near the back door, you'd like to not have to get up to turn off the light or close the blinds, etc.

If you aren't good with electrical work, it isn't always easy to add a switch in a room without calling a professional. However, wireless products allow you to add as many switches as you like.

Why install a wireless switch?

There are many advantages to fitting a wireless switch:
  • Put switches wherever you like
Firstly, you can add a switch wherever you like, depending on the layout of the room, the position of your furniture and your personal habits. This is very practical if the home's previous occupant had a different layout in the room or if you decide to reorganise things. Have you turned your bed round the other way and still want to be able to turn off the light without getting up? You can with a wireless switch! Do you have roller blinds but there's no switch where you want one? A wireless switch allows you to add another control point.
  • Very easy to install
The main benefit of a wireless switch is that it's easy to install. You can add or change the position of light switches without having to make any modifications, without damaging your walls by making grooves for the wires, without having to spend any money on an electrician and without creating any dust! It's perfect if you're not handy around the home or are on a tight budget.
Wireless switches are very easy to install with screws and some can even be fastened with a repositionable adhesive patch. This is a perfect solution if you don't have the necessary tools or your wireless switch needs to be repositioned later on. Sold in ready-to-fit packs with everything you need, all you have to do is put them where you want.
  • Improved everyday comfort indoors
Wireless switches are also a fantastic solution for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, who need to be able to easily reach switches. Fitting wireless switches to control the lighting, blinds and other products controlled by switches ensures comfort and genuinely improves quality of life. Even for those who don't have a mobility problem, switches that don't need an electrical connection improve comfort around the home. Discover all our products

How does a wireless switch work?

A wireless switch works by radio waves being transmitted between a transmitter (the switch) and a receiver (or receiver module). This system allows you to position the switch and receiver wherever you like, even if both elements are separated by walls. The range of the radio waves is several dozen metres (40 to 50 m depending on the model). This means you can add a wall switch wherever you feel you need one, even in a different room to where the receiver is installed. The same receiver can also receive a signal from multiple switches, which is perfect if you want to control the lighting or blinds from various places in your home.

A wireless switch very often contains a battery. However, some products work without an electrical power source or battery: the switch works using kinetic energy produced when you press the button or move the switch.

What does a smart wireless switch do for your electrical installation?

A smart wireless switch is part of a range of home automation accessories that can be fitted in a home to make it more functional and improve its comfort. As well as enabling wireless transmission between switch and receiver, it makes it possible to remotely control the lighting and controlled accessories, and allows them to be integrated into a home automation scenario.
  • Remote control
With a smart switch you can control the lighting and other smart products not only using the switch but also on your computer or using an app on your smartphone or tablet.

DiO accessories can be controlled in the DiO Home app, and Céliane with Netatmo battery-powered switches from Legrand can be controlled using the free app Home + Control Legrand for iOS and Android. This allows you to remotely and easily control the lighting, blinds and electrical devices in your home. All you need is an internet connection and Wi-Fi. Legrand switches even allow you to control dimmable lighting and devices.
  • Improved monitoring of devices in the home
Using the management app you can not only switch your lighting, heating and other types of products on or off using your smartphone, you can also obtain information about these products with a single gesture. Are the blinds open or closed? Did you turn the lights off when you left home? A smart switch can easily put your mind at rest.

With the Céliane with Netatmo switches from LEGRAND, the app even lets you monitor the power consumption of your smart devices and therefore make energy savings using this information. You'll also receive a notification if there's a power cut.
  • Integration into a home automation system
The other major benefit of a smart switch is that you can run preprogrammed scenarios in the home using your switch or the app. This is practical when you're going out for example, to adjust all your smart products with a single gesture: switching off the lights and electrical devices, turning down the heating, closing the blinds, etc. All you need is a starter pack and to connect your switch to your home automation setup. Once your switch has been set up, you can add other switches to your home automation system whenever you like, as well as Legrand connected plugs for example.
  • Controlling using a voice assistant
The range of Céliane with Netatmo products from Legrand is also compatible with voice assistants like Apple's Siri and Google's assistant. All you need to do is give the appropriate command to control your lighting, adjust the intensity or close or open the blinds. You can even tell your voice assistant to run a complete home automation scenario.

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