Wired Thermostat

A wired thermostat belongs to the category of heating accessories known as atmosphere thermostats. These devices are designed to regulate the temperature in a home. They allow you to enter an ideal comfort temperature and switch the heating on or off in order to maintain this setpoint temperature. An atmosphere thermostat, which is connected to the boiler and controls its running, comes in different versions - wireless or wired - to adapt to all types of home and heating set-ups.

Wired thermostats and domestic comfort

Like other atmosphere thermostats, wired thermostats prevent inconvenient variations in temperature and guarantee consistent warmth. It's usually recommended to maintain a temperature of 19° in the main rooms of your home for optimal comfort. With a thermostat you don't need to check the temperature using a thermometer, or switch the boiler on or off manually to regulate the temperature. This is automatically maintained, leaving you free to enjoy the comfort of your home.

Wired thermostats and energy savings

If your heating system doesn't have an atmosphere thermostat, the temperature of the rooms in your home will vary regardless of which type of boiler you have. Whether because of poor insulation, doors being frequently opened or electronic devices being switched on and making a room warmer, it's difficult to maintain a constant temperature.

This means your home will sometimes be overheated when the boiler is running unnecessarily, and will sometimes be too cold, in which case you'll need to use a lot of fuel (oil, gas, etc.) to restore a comfortable temperature. This increases your energy consumption, which has a direct effect on the cost of your energy bill.

An atmosphere thermostat eliminates these problems by making sure that the temperature is consistent and the boiler is only used when strictly necessary, making it the perfect accessory for generating savings and limiting your heating's impact on the environment. Discover all our products

The different types of wired thermostat

A wired thermostat can be standard (non-programmable) or programmable.
  • Non-programmable electromechanical wired thermostats:
These are the simplest heating regulation products available and are used to maintain a consistent temperature in a room. The thermostat has a graduated wheel that usually has five temperature settings, including a frost protection setting for maintaining a minimal temperature if you're away for a longer period of time. They're usually inexpensive and allow you to make energy savings. Although they're not the most sophisticated atmosphere thermostat, they're better than nothing if you want to regulate your heating.
  • Programmable electronic thermostats:
The programmable electronic wired thermostat, an improved version of the basic thermostat, is more advanced both in terms of heating regulation and energy savings. This type of thermostat allows you to program the temperature, for example based on when you'll be at home. It has at least two modes - comfort and eco - and adjusts the heating according to your habits. For example, there's no need to heat your home to 19° if you're not there or during the night. You can program it to your personal needs, so it's suited to your lifestyle. With a programmable electronic thermostat the boiler is used less often, and you'll notice the difference on your heating bill. Featuring a digital display, electronic thermostats are also easier to read and more accurate than standard thermostats. A smart thermostat is another version that allows accurate temperature programming. It doesn't have to be wired, but can be mounted on a wall and use an existing wired installation. The Netatmo smart thermostat allows you to use existing electrical wiring and provides instructions for fast installation.
But what exactly is a smart atmosphere thermostat? It's a programmable thermostat with a digital display that allows you to control your boiler even more accurately than with a standard programmable thermostat: you can define a weekly heating schedule to adapt the temperature to your working hours or habits at the weekend, etc. This allows you to save more than 15% on your energy bill.
What's more, a programmable smart thermostat lets you control your heating remotely on your computer or smartphone. You can regulate the temperature wherever you are, provided you have an internet connection. This is perfect for turning the heating up by a few degrees before you get back from holiday or if you want to adjust the programming remotely.

Lastly, a smart atmosphere thermostat is the only type that lets you track your consumption. Using the thermostat's app and an internet connection, you can view a record of your data. This makes it easier to plan your weekly heating and allows you to make even more savings on your energy bill.

Installing a wired thermostat

It takes a bit more patience to install a wired thermostat than a wireless version. If you aren't particularly good with electrics it's best to call a professional to take care of installing your atmosphere thermostat and connecting it to the boiler. However, if you're just replacing a wired atmosphere thermostat, the installation process is easier.
  • Positioning your thermostat
To make sure your atmosphere thermostat works properly and the heating is adjusted accurately, you'll need to put it in the right place. The thermostat should be mounted on a wall, around 1.50 m off the floor, far from any heat sources and air currents. Avoid areas exposed to the sun and don't put your atmosphere thermostat in a covered area (curtains, recessed or enclosed area), as this could produce inaccurate temperature readings.
  • Connecting your thermostat to the boiler
Turn off the power supply, then open the hood of your boiler. Find the connection wires for the old thermostat (which are sometimes marked TAM or T) and connect your new thermostat. Switch the power supply back on to test that the device works. A smart atmosphere thermostat, such as the device designed by Netatmo, can be installed either in wireless mode via radio waves or in wired mode. If you're replacing a wired thermostat you can reuse the existing connections for a fast installation.

The atmosphere thermostat is then mounted on a wall and connected to the boiler by a cable. It communicates by radio with the Netatmo relay device, which connects to the internet via Wi-Fi. This allows you to control your heating at home or remotely using the thermostat's smartphone app. To do so, you need to download the app from iTunes or Google Play, create a Netatmo account and connect the atmosphere thermostat to your home Wi-Fi.

Once your smart atmosphere thermostat is in place you can even control your heating by voice using a voice assistant like Google Home or Apple's Siri.

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