Weather Station

A weather station is an essential tool for forecasting the weather and planning activities according to the temperature. Having a weather station at home means you'll have your own device for producing reliable and accurate meteorological data directly on a screen.

The weather station: an essential measuring instrument

You can just buy a thermometer to see what the temperature is outside or visit Météo France's website to see what the regional trend is. However, there's nothing better than having a weather station at home to see the weather forecast by looking at an on-screen display. Thanks to its various sensors, a station tells you not only the temperature but also the humidity and various data depending on the measuring accessories and the sensor it has: measuring wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure, rain gauge measurements, etc.

Home weather stations are essential tools for telling you what the weather is in real time and planning your outdoor activities in the short and medium term. When installed at home with an outdoor sensor, a sophisticated station can even indicate the height and type of the clouds or the visibility, which is very practical if you'll be driving and you need to plan ahead for weather conditions such as fog.

Ideally, the temperature sensors need to be sheltered to stop the rain or the sun's rays producing inaccurate data and damaging the equipment. The position of your weather station in general is important for obtaining accurate measurements. Each sensor requires an adjustment in the weather station's position: the wind gauge will be more reliable if it's located in the wind, whilst the precipitation measurement function will be more accurate if the rain gauge is placed in an open location exposed to the rain. Indoors, the CO2 measurement function will be more accurate if the sensor is in a room that's used often. Discover all our products

How to choose a weather station

Lots of different types of weather station are available, from the simplest to the more advanced. This means you'll have no trouble finding a weather station that's right for your needs, whether you're a meteorological buff, a keen gardener or someone who does an outdoor activity that's reliant on the weather conditions, ambient humidity or temperature.

Depending on the accessories and the type of sensor, a weather station produces meteorological data of varying accuracy and provides forecasts for the next few hours or days. Some are even connected to Météo France's servers to add data collected in situ on more general meteorological trends.

Both wired and wireless products are available on the market for weather stations. This means your station can be directly connected to the electricity or run on batteries. In the latter case it's easier to move the weather station into your home to view it. In both cases, wired or wireless, installation is easy and you can start using a weather station as soon as you get it, just a few minutes after unpacking the box.

Not all weather stations have the same accessories and they may function differently depending on the product. The more standard stations show the temperature, humidity level, date and the likelihood of rain. Some have a clock, a colour screen, etc. The most sophisticated stations also show more specific data like the tides or the dew point. A rain gauge tells you about precipitation, a wind gauge lets you forecast the wind, an indoor sensor can give you the indoor temperature, the CO2 level or decibel information, etc. You can tailor-make your own weather station at home!

It's best to get a professional model if you need very reliable weather data, for example if you work in tourism, outdoor activities, the events sector, etc. If you're prepared to spend the money, premium weather stations can also provide information about agricultural weather or visibility conditions on the road. Most meteorological products can be bought online and delivery is fast.

What are the benefits of a smart weather station?

The most modern meteorological products are "smart". Although they come at a price, you can remotely control your device and keep an eye on the temperature, humidity or pressure on your computer or on your smartphone using an app. The display on your phone's colour screen lets you see changes in the temperature, pressure or likelihood of rain in real time.

This top-of-the-range product gives you alerts based on the measurements taken by the sensors. If the sensor records a fall in pressure, sees that the indoor CO2 level is rising or that humidity is increasing and could produce fog, you'll be alerted via an immediate notification on your smartphone's colour screen.

The meteorological data is transferred wirelessly, via Wi-Fi, so you don't need to plug anything in. The sensor or outdoor probe communicates directly with the station positioned indoors. This makes it easy to install and you can set up the controls as soon as your device is delivered.

This type of product not only displays information and forecasts, you can also record them. This allows you to compare data for example and see changes in the temperature in different years. You can even share this information with your friends and family, which is ideal if you're planning a barbecue at the weekend, a football match or picking fruit!

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