LED Projector

More powerful than a street lamp or an outdoor light, an LED projector is perfect for lighting an outdoor area such as a path, courtyard, garden, car park, etc. Usually used by professionals to illuminate a facade, warehouse or building site, an LED projector is an extremely useful tool in your property for facilitating access to your garage or home when it's dark or lighting up your garden or swimming pool at night.

Designed for lighting outdoor spaces, LED projectors are resistant to the weather and cold. However, they can also be used indoors to light a specific facility or a storage area.

When an LED projector is paired with a motion sensor it acts as an effective deterrent for thieves and burglars. Professionals use projectors to protect worksites and equipment. The power of this type of lighting along with a sensor can scare off intruders around your home by lighting up at night.

Why buy an LED projector?

LED projectors are used as a replacement for halogen projectors to achieve powerful lighting. They use far less energy than halogen projectors while providing similarly powerful lighting. The energy savings are thought be an impressive 80% on average. Another benefit of LEDs over halogen is that the projectors have a much longer life span and the bulbs are less sensitive to the cold and impacts. With a halogen projector you also have to change the bulbs more often, which also affects the price of the lights.

With energy savings, lighting of an equivalent power and a long life, there's no need to use a comparison tool to see the benefits of LED projectors! Discover all our products

The various models of LED projector

There's a huge range of outdoor lighting products available: LED projectors with different characteristics, various accessories and bulbs, and various power ratings and designs depending on the model. It's up to you to choose which type of projector is best based on your needs (power, design, white or warm lighting, etc.) and the intended position of the lamp (pathway, garden, etc.).
  • Extra-flat LED projectors
The advantage of this type of flat projector is mainly aesthetic. Its compact flat design makes it unobtrusive, light and easy to transport, install and integrate into a home or garden. This flat design also minimises the projector's wind resistance. If you're using it to deter thieves or, if paired with a surveillance camera, to film intruders, its discreet design means you can create even more of a surprise!
  • Motion sensor LED projectors
A motion sensor LED projector only switches on when the motion sensor detects a presence, rather than being continuously illuminated. This saves a significant amount of energy. You can usually configure the amount of time the light stays on once movement has been detected by the sensor. This is very practical in passageways or to avoid having to use a switch. Depending on the model, you can fine-tune the motion detection to stop the lighting coming on when an animal passes by. Some LED projectors are combined with a video surveillance camera that starts filming when a presence is detected. The light provided means that clear footage can be recorded even at night and intruders can be scared off the property.
  • Portable rechargeable LED projectors
If you need to transport your LED projector, choose a portable model from your local lighting or DIY store. Because they have a battery, you don't need to connect them to a power circuit and they provide several hours of lighting. This type of projector is a very useful accessory in an emergency or if there's a power cut.
  • Colour LED projectors
In addition to white lighting, some models of LED projector also provide colour lighting. These are perfect for creating a particular ambience in the garden, on a terrace or around a swimming pool. Colour LED projectors are more for fun than for professional use, although they're sometimes used indoors for lighting events. The colour of the LED lighting can be static or adjustable using a remote control, which allows you to change the colour.
  • LED projectors for commercial use
LED projectors can also be used for lighting shop windows or billboards, as powerful lights are needed to showcase products or attract attention. LED projectors are energy-efficient and can be used to cut the cost of advertising lighting.
  • LED projectors for swimming pools
Specific models include the range of LED projectors for swimming pools, which are liquid-tight to make them resistant to water and special treatments. This type of projector is used to secure the surroundings of a swimming pool at night or simply to highlight the movements of the water. Coloured lighting is also possible.

How to choose an LED projector

To choose from the range of outdoor LED lights, you'll need to decide which accessories and options you need while also bearing in mind the price.
  • Price
The price of an LED projector is obviously an important factor. There's no point buying a projector with options you don't need (coloured bulbs, special design, extra-flat model, etc.). The power of the bulbs often determines how much a projector costs: it's not necessary to buy a very powerful model if you just need to light up a short pathway.
  • Weather-resistance
For a weather-resistant LED projector, choose a model with a protection rating of at least 23. Ideally, it's best if you choose a projector with a rating of 65 for better resistance to water and dust, which will make it last longer.
  • Motion sensor LED projectors
Lots of projectors come with a motion detector and you'll need to carefully read the product description to choose the right one for you. Take note of the detection angle and range to determine the area the detector covers. The features sometimes allow you to adjust the sensor's sensitivity so that the projector doesn't light up unnecessarily, for example when an animal passes by at night or if it's windy. It's also best to get a projector that allows you to set how long it lights up so that you can save energy from using the light less.
  • Manual control
Some LED projectors come with a remote control, which allows you to change the colour of your projector's light for a different ambience or turn on the projector even if the sensor hasn't detected any movement.
  • Which type of white light should you choose?
When you buy an LED projector you can choose from several different types of models, notably in terms of bulbs and the warmth of the light produced. A cool white (5,400-6,500° kelvins) provides a more powerful and clearer light, while a neutral white is similar to natural light and a warm white (<3,300°k, similar to the light produced by a halogen bulb) is more pleasant if you want ambient lighting. You should therefore choose the bulbs for your LED projector based on the type of white you want. It's also worth noting that to avoid a dazzling effect you can buy projectors with white tempered glass.
  • Rotatable LED projectors
If you need to light an area high up or from a particular angle, it's best to buy a rotatable LED projector. Some can be positioned at an angle of up to 270° on the vertical.
  • Other options and accessories for LED projectors
  • You can now buy projectors that dissipate the heat produced.
    - Some projectors are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the intensity of the light emitted by the bulb.
    - Some LED projector models guarantee instantaneous, flicker-free lighting of the bulbs.
  • LED projector power, power consumption and lifespan
More than the design or accessories, the most important factor of an LED projector is usually its power. The models range from 10W up to 120W, from lighting small areas (15 m2) to large structures that require huge power (the front of a building for example). Choose the power of your LED projector based on your needs, as this will determine how much power it uses!

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